Saturday at Austin with Scott Jones

04/20/2013 @ 8:59 pm, by Scott Jones6 COMMENTS
  • Mania

    Excellent Thanks

  • L2C

    Always have to post the thanks to you, Scott. Excellent work again, but I’m still waiting for the one in a million Pedrosa shot. I haven’t seen it yet, not from any photographer, so I’m hoping you’ll be the one to get it! :-)

  • Peter Geran


    Shooting over lots of bitumen there?…Heat haze effect on the photos ?

  • Heat haze was a feature of the video coverage, too. High track temps + a Tilke circuit with lots of paved runoff = unavoidable really.

  • Peter Geran

    Yes, makes it difficult.

    I shot the Suzuka 8 Hour Motor Cycle Race way back in 1990. So hot and humid. Many of my shots were soft due to heat haze over a long distance. No bitumen run-off areas there, but, the heat just screwed up a lot.

    Got the way you couldn’t touch the lens. I ended up putting a towel over my 800mm lens .

  • Sadly they tend to hold motorcycle races in just the light I’d otherwise not even get the cameras out. I much prefer overcast days to soften the light and reduce the heat haze. When there’s some cloud cover, the photos are crisp and clear, the autofocus works much better, and I don’t look like a lobster in the afternoon.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!