San Carlo Gresini Honda Returns to White Livery

07/12/2012 @ 3:07 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

With MotoGP returning to Mugello for the Italian GP, the San Carlo Gresini Honda team is reverting back to its customary white livery scheme, a decision made by both Fausto Gresini and the Simoncelli family. Hoping to invoke some memories of Marco Simoncelli lapping around that famous Italian track, Gresini Racing’s time of mourning for its fallen Italian rider appears to be over as it retires its all-black livery, and has painted Alvaro Bautista’s Honda RC213V in the team’s customary all-while livery for this weekend.

To help raise money for the Marco Simoncelli Foundation, Honda has donated two motorcycles to Paolo Simoncelli, one of which is a Honda CBR1000RR in the white race livery that will be auctioned off to support the charity, while the other is Marco’s own Honda RC212V. The ultimate collector bike? We think so. SuperSic forever.

Source: San Carlo Gresini Honda

  • jimmy smith jr

    I think Rossi should buy the RC212v…and privateer that sonofabitch to the championship next year in honor of Sic!!! Who cares if its an 800…its still faster than a duc.

    huh? huh?

  • SBPilot

    If I’m not mistaken, the RC212v wont be auctioned, that’s for Paolo to keep. The CBR is the only bike that will be auctioned. I wouldn’t think Honda would auction off a bike that they are still using to the highest bidder sort of speak, way too much technology at risk. Even with the clauses that would be involved.

  • Updated to make that distinction clearer.

  • Jason

    SuperSic forever.

  • That CBR looks absolutely Sic!

    SuperSic forever!

  • Oh, I forgot my main point of posting in the first place: It’s lovely to see the return of the white livery. I was wondering when the changes would start coming, as it was originally announced that they would gradually change from black to white over the season.

  • 76

    Thats fcking awesome they gave him his bike, and if anyone knows how uptight Honda is about their equipment its pretty huge.