Ruben Xaus will start his 200th World Superbike race at Phillip Island, making him the third rider in this season’s field to start such a large number of races. He will join the ranks of Carl Fogarty, Noriyuki Haga, Troy Corser, Aaron Slight, and Frankie Chili in numbers of starts by racing at the season opener later this month. Xaus began his WSBK career with two wildcard entries in 1998, after a rookie Supersport season in 1997.

He returned to World Supersport for 1999 and 2000, but began his full-time career as a World Superbike rider in 2001. He left WSBK for the 2004 and 2005 seasons to go racing in MotoGP, with a career high of third at Qatar in 2004 on a satellite Ducati. Xaus was named MotoGP Rookie of the Year for 2004 and moved to a satellite Yamaha for 2005, where he did not have the same luck.

Xaus returned to WSBK in 2006, remaining in the series to the present. He has had eleven wins and thirty-five podiums in his, to date, 199 starts. Much like fellow 200th starter Haga, Xaus is a proven competitor but is seemingly always a bridesmaid, and not yet a champion. His career highlight was finishing second to Neil Hodgson in the 2003 championship. Xaus races this season for the reincarnated Castrol Honda alongside Jonathan Rea.


  • Hopefully Xaus can be convinced to ‘play the points game’ out of the kitty litter this year!

  • Mustang

    I hope this boy refinds his speed of old he showed in his Ducati days. He really was exciting to watch. I don’t care if he still falls off, as long as he’s dicing for the lead when he does.

  • Mustang, I understand where you are coming from but this is 2011 (doh). Even a slide results in a new fairing, lack of practice, or much worse NO POINTS for that race or possibly the weekend, the latter is exactly what Xaus did at PI in 2010.

    First time on the S1000RR, he decked BOTH HIS BIKES in practice and the team decided he should not ride the entire weekend, it was crazy, he slid off both times on the same corner, clearly over riding the bike, crazy lean angles….

  • As I’ve said elsewhere…

    I remember he was supposed to start at Phillip Island last year too. Then he wadded up his bikes and had nothing to race with. I hope he has a better start to the season this year, not for his sake, but for his teams sake.

  • froryde

    The years haven’t been kind to Xaus – he looks pretty old now…

  • Ades

    I see Reuben is running Aaron Slights number (111) from his Castrol Honda days…….. Hopefully Reuben can ride like he did when he was on board the Ducati, and partnering with Bayliss.

  • Steve, yes he crashed both S1000RR’s in practice at PI last year and Ades, Xaus ran with the ‘111’ on the S1000RR last year to, link:

  • Ades


    It was more a reference to the connection between the Castrol Honda & Aaron Slight which tasted some level of success with that combination. I thought it perhaps a good omen for Reuben……….. (as I was away of his number previously ;-) )

  • OK Ades, fully understand the thought their, of course Aaron stayed on the damn bike!