Valentino Rossi has had a horrific crash today during practice at the Italian GP at Mugello. Highsiding in Turn 13, Rossi has sustained a compound fracture to his right shin. He was flown by helicopter from the circuit to Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico in Florence where he underwent surgery on his leg. The surgery was successful in repairing the fractured bone, and Rossi is expected to be in the hospital for the next seven to ten days, and likely not to return to racing for at least six weeks. Video of the crash after the jump.

Operated on by Dr. Roberto Buzzi of the CTO, and assisted by Dr. Claudio Costa of the Clinica Mobile, Dr. Buzzi made the following statement following the two and a half hour operation:

“We received Valentino Rossi at the Careggi Hospital, where we made detailed checks in order to rule out any other injuries, and the results were satisfactory. We therefore decided to proceed with the surgery for the exposed fracture of the right leg. We performed a spinal block (epidural) and cleaned and washed the fracture, which was then aligned and stabilised with a pin. The surgery had good results; the alignment was good and the bone is now stable. The wound remains open, as is usual in these cases, and it will be stitched in the next few days with another short surgery. We are confident that Valentino will be able to leave the hospital in a week to ten days, able to put weight on the leg with the aid of crutches.”

Source: Fiat-Yamaha

  • cycleguy

    Wow, Rossi even has his own mobile safety hay bale!

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  • Speedy recovery Vale!

  • Jake Fox

    So who will be riding his Factory Yamaha? It can’t be Spies because he’s a rookie, right? Or do the rules allow a rookie to replace an injured factory rider? If not, will it be Edwards then or someone else?

  • I was going to post about this tomorrow, but if Rossi misses 6 races Fiat-Yamaha have to replace him because of the MotoGP rules. This will likely be a Yamaha test rider. For the next two races Fiat-Yamaha have said they won’t substitute a rider for Rossi, out of respect for the Champion.

  • SRG

    Jake: I believe (someone will correct me if I’m wrong) that the rules classify someone as a Rookie until they have completed nine races in MGP. SpiesusChrist did 3 in 2008, 1 in 2009, and 3 this year thus far. If he runs two more races with Tech3, he will no longer be a Rookie I guess.

  • Peter

    Great. Now Jorge the Ass will win the championship and strut about like a peacock.

    Get well soon Rossi!

  • Must have been the mowhawk! Better not be effing Edwards replacing him!!!!

  • ML

    Jorge, enjoy your first world championship, courtesy of Mr. Rossi.

  • CBR600RR 09

    What a shame! What a Legend :( I was sad and shocked to hear about this when I tuned in to watch the GP.

    We will all miss him! I support Casey through and through but there is no denying that man and his talent. I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. The comp just wont be the same without him.

  • Jake Fox

    I can’t believe Lorenzo went so far as to wear a Rossi shirt on the podium. Anyone who follows MotoGP knows there is little love lost between the two riders and Jorge’s little tribute stunt reeked of insincerity and opportunism.

  • Joe

    One of the appealing things about MotoGP IS Rossi himself. It has always been such a treat to see Rossi who while being the best in the world at the same time seems to be a nice guy and out there having fun. What will happen to MotoGP when Rossi is truly gone for good? Is there a guy currently in the ranks that could become the “signature guy” ?

  • BikePilot

    Heal up quickly Mr. Rossi!

  • Peter


    Well we certainly know that Jorge is trying.

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