The ‘Stars Align for Jorge Lorenzo

01/24/2011 @ 6:02 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

The Yamaha Racing factory MotoGP team may not have a title sponsor for the 2011 season, but reigning MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo has had no problem getting some personal sponsorships for next season. Rumors were rife a few weeks ago that Lorenzo had made a switch from Dainese to Alpinestars for his leathers, boots, and gloves sponsorship (making an inverse flop with Nicky Hayden who was making the switch from Alpinestars to Dainese), and last week we brought you the first photos of what looked like a photo shoot that Lorenzo did with Rockstar Energy Drink.

Entering into MotoGP for the first time, Rockstar is Lorenzo’s only American sponsor. No terms have been released on the deal, but we hope Lorenzo is getting a boatload of cash from the energy drink producer, as the Spaniard has had some sort of Rockstar emblazoned garment on him at all times during his trip to Indonesia (including scuba diving?).

“It is a pleasure to secure this sponsorship agreement with Rockstar Energy Drink, and I believe that this is the start to a very close relationship. I love to be different than the others in my sport and I believe I’ve got that with Rockstar Energy Drink,” said Lorenzo. “This is my first American sponsor ever, and no other rider in MotoGP has an endorsement deal with Rockstar. I am very proud to bring the Rockstar brand into our sport, and I can only hope to offer the same results for 2011 that I delivered last year.”

“Jorge is an fantastic brand ambassador for Rockstar, we couldn’t be more excited about this deal,” said Jason May Executive VP of Marketing for Rockstar Energy Drink. “Very few things say ‘energy’ better than MotoGP, and there is no better rider is the series to support Rockstar than Jorge Lorenzo. As we continue to expand Rockstar’s international footprint, our alignment with Lorenzo will further propel Rockstar’s positioning as a global brand.”

While Yamaha’s MotoGP team is expected to run the factory colors at the upcoming Sepang test, Lorenzo’s trip to Indonesia spurred some good rumors that the AirAsia could be close to signing on as the title sponsor for the factory team in 2011. At the time of this writing, Alpinestars has not officially announced Lorenzo’s sponsorship for the 2011 season, but we expect that announcement any day now.

Source: Rockstar Energy Drink

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  • Ades

    “I love to be different than the others in my sport ” said Lorenzo…………..

    Ha…..Sure you do J-Lo. You’re a fast rider for sure, but original and different you are not.

  • Andrew Gray

    Douche cringe

  • Nucci

    Jorge is definitely with Alpinestars for 2011 and beyond, no announcement will be forthcoming from Alpinestars – they don’t do that kind of thing, the fact he is wearing their gear is confirmation enough.

    And for those of you calling him a douche, the dude is a three-time world champion and a millionaire at the age of 23. As for his racing persona, it has helped him nab a swathe of personal sponsors – the kid’s done good.

    Many ex-racing legends like Kenny Roberts Sr., Wayne Rainey, Randy Mamola etc all say he is the most determined person you will ever meet so props where it’s due.

  • dmclone

    Not questioning his abilities, just pointing out that he comes off as a douche on TV.