Video: Road Warriors 2012

02/13/2013 @ 5:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS


Self-described as an “all access behind the scenes with the fastest riders in America,” Road Warriors is a documentary that follows five riders in the AMA Pro Road Racing Championship over the 2012 season: Josh Hayes, Danny Eslick, Melissa Paris, Elena Myers, and Austin Dehaven.

In a series that desperately needs to promote the sport and the riders within it, Road Warriors looks to be a much needed shot in the arm for AMA Pro Racing. We hope the full-length documentary is just as good as the trailer, and that it helps generate some buzz for the 2013 season. Check it out after the jump, and be sure to follow the film’s Facebook page.

Source: Road Warriors (Facebook)

  • John Magnum

    Good on the girls for racing and doing some winning against the boys.

    what i would give to have a girl that rides. my god what a turn on……….

  • Kevin

    Jens, I was surprised you liked the vid. We both know that AMA needs a shot in the arm but what I saw has none of the production qualities of the TT stuff we see so much of or the MGP review for that matter. Somehow to me it looked like a student piece.

    The show on Speed featuring Larry Pegram isn’t exactly 30 minutes I feel compelled to watch more than once. Not sure if it’s the characters, production, editing, camera work but it just doesn’t grab me.

    Oh, I’m in big trouble for this post. : )

  • Brian

    Kevin, you’re right, the production quality is obviously a bit lower than what we’ve seen with films like TT3D and the like. But we also have to consider the material. It’s doubtful that many people (if anyone) will pay to watch this documentary. It will hopefully generate some buzz for the AMA series but realistically these film makers know they’re not going to get rich off this. That being said, when considering the aim of this piece, I believe the quality to be high enough to achieve their goals.

  • The sport is emaciated, but this little film makes it look very save-able. AMA Superbike needs some more star power…

    Remember the days of Miguel dragging his exposed, broken femur across the banking at Louden or that hot girl dying in Scott Russell’s hot tub on coke? Gobert stealing an old woman’s purse for heroin money? Now that was a good racing! And there was a ton of it. Now they sign autographs for the troops and compete in triathlons. Yawn. No wonder they have no television contract.

  • Bruce

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see positive AMA news on A&R. I had thought that your race coverage was reserved exclusively for WSBK and MotoGP, as I rarely see you mention AMA results or cover the teams or racers. I see postings on many sites, blogs and forums from race fans that have disdain for the AMA series, a certain snobbery if you will. I don’t really understand this, I enjoy motorcycle racing in all it’s forms, from trials, to Endurocross , SX, TT, MotoGP, etc., and the past several seasons in AMA have provided some very exciting duels for road race fans who complain of processional racing in other series.

    Further, I attend MotoGP, WSBK and AMA races in person, and have been fortunate to have enough contacts to get into the team garages in all three series, but for most enthusiasts who attend races in person, the access to the garages, equipment, team owners, mechanics and riders is unrivaled at an AMA event. Sure, they are not as rich and famous, but talking in the pits with an excited Garrett Gerloff after his first AMA win is actually a more memorable track experience than getting a cursory wave from a Jorge Lorenzo at 15 yards.

    I look forward to A&R continuing to provide coverage for our domestic series.

  • Kevin


    I too am a fan of all forms of racing. As Duke Video used to do the AMA Review and would love to be able to do more now that is the perspective I bring to my comment. To me, if Duke is calling and wanting to work something out I’d go with what is proven and broadens the perspective to Europe. Personally I get calls for AMA images from race fans abroad. I don’t think those in charge are aware of such requests. Let me rephrase, not everyone at the top in the USA is aware. I think more people than you think would buy a well made TT, MGP review style of video. The content is there it’s just about how it’s shot and subsequently edited.

    I totally agree with the benefits of paddock/pit rider access. Especially for those who are working there way up through the road racing ranks from say WERA. No better place to get advice and questions answered.

    Agreed also with the A&R coverage. I think it does well for their status as a Race Publication to cover at some level all aspects of the racing community. Plus, Honda is back on track at AMA PRR.

  • David

    Only 9 rounds in AMA racing this year. And the new Speed channel is only interested in stick-n-ball sports and mma wrestling.

    Is there really not that many people in America that likes real racing?

    I guess not.

  • Westward

    Personally don’t know much about AMA, I figure it’s along the likes of BSB. As for production value of the trailer, it’s not bad, so I would not criticize it too much.

    However, I will say this, if the merits of the sport and the action of the series is not enough to entice the casual passerby, that you have to include some sort of gratuitous gun play as if it enhances or compliments the situation somehow, then you are really in trouble.

    The cycling clips I get, I would have rather seen more of the female stuff . The gun stuff is lost on me, and has nothing to do with moto-racing…

    I suppose AMA is only catering to a certain type of person that is American…

  • RJJR

    The coverage sucks, same as Speeds GP broadcast, some of the rules of eligibility for certain bikes in certain classes have been strange, but the racing is good, if not great. There’s lots of room for improvement, and I think A&R present fair coverage of all facets. It would be nice to see DMG not go to commercial, three laps from the end of a hard fought race and come back with one guy crosssing the finish line. It would be great if they started showing flat track, mile and half mile is becoming a multi manufacturer race again. I think fans could do a better job covering motorcycle racing, with cellphone video and youtube uploads, than DMG do with all their NASCAR money.

  • Jake F.

    Three words to help save AMA Pro: Online content delivery.

  • Would like to see Josh Hayes on an M1

  • @Jake F.

    I’d like to see this as well. I haven’t followed AMA in the past, but being able to watch online would get me into it.

    Anyone know of WSBK doing this for this year?

  • You might be disappointed with A&R’s AMA coverage this year. From what I understand, you have to own a race team in the series to properly cover the sport journalistically.

  • Riccardo

    The AMA top brass and everyone else involved need to embrace change and start approaching a niche sport with unconventional solutions to reach the motorcycle crowd.

    Cable and satellite providers give access to their subscribers to watch whatever they like from any device they have wherever they are. DMG tried to emulate NASCAR once and it did not work. They need to get out from under whatever rock they’re living in and embrace the 21st century. There’s all kind of useless crap streamed daily online. How difficult is it for the AMA to organize and stream all the races even if we have to see commercials in between? They sure need fresh blood in that respect.

    @Jensen Beeler:
    From what I understand, you have to own a race team in the series to properly cover the sport journalistically.

    Is that for real? If it is the it is very sad indeed. Let’s hope things change for the better of the sport.