Watch the Red Bull Romaniacs Enduro in Slow-Motion

03/27/2014 @ 4:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS


Here is a recipe for success: take a slow-motion camera, and film motorcycles doing awesome things with it. Presto! Internet gold. The folks at Red Bull did just that with their Romaniacs series. Enduro bikes taking big drops, crossing obstacles, and generally being bad ass…I feel like I don’t have to explain this video any further.

Source: Red Bull (YouTube) via derestricted

  • paulus

    This is why Enduro is about the most fun you can have on a motorcycle

  • paulus

    … this video directly shows where to spend your bucks first in aftermarket parts.
    Forget pipes and extra power… suspension is everything!

  • afletra

    suspension is not everything, it’s a part of “everything” ;)

  • H.L.

    I wasn’t aware of the vast capabilities of these enduro bikes. Outstanding and simply amazing.

    Enduro bikes = Must have for post- apocalyptic conditions…just saying.

    I’m just realizing and wondering where would we be without Red Bull’s involvement and financial support to two wheeled sports and events.

  • Romaniacs never fails to inspire. Bass-ass to the extreme, and a humbling reminder of what I’ll never manage to do on a motorcycle. :)