Randy de Puniet Back at It after 22 Days

08/09/2010 @ 1:18 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Only 22 days after his crash at Sachsenring, Randy de Puniet is back on two wheels with his fractured tibia and fibula. Taking some laps at Circuit d’Ales on a Honda CBR1000RR, de Puniet’s track time is presumably to see if the Frenchman will be ready for the Czech GP this weekend.

Walking without the aid of crutches, de Puniet looks fairly mobile for someone who broke his leg only three weeks ago. Lapping in the 1’20’s, de Puniet told Sportbikes.fr the following:

“Okay, it’s not as bad as I thought. The first run was a little difficult because you feel a little pain when you take knocks on the fracture, but the second went better I become mobile and in the end I didn’t feel too much pain. You always think you’re going to, but until you are on the bike, you can’t really know. I’m relieved and I think it will go to Brno, even though I’m not 100%.”

De Puniet will have to go through the formality of getting race approval from the Chief Medical Officer at Brno, but considering they let a guy with a hole in his leg ride around in Germany, de Puniet should have no problem getting permission to race on Sunday. Bon Chance Randy!

Source: Sportbikes.fr

  • GeddyT

    DePuniet rides with a standard shift pattern!?

    Oh yeah, and that guy is tough as hell. If there’s one rider in the paddock whose potential I’d like to see more than any other on a factory bike, it’s DePuniet. Yeah he crashed a lot in the past, but only because he doesn’t accept going slow. Still, gotta respect how fast and balls-out the guy is. He’s shown a lot of speed on lesser rides. Was a bummer I didn’t get to see him at Laguna.

    Hope he comes back strong and gets a factory ride next year (don’t see that happening, though).

  • Maxx

    I noticed theres no BIG FUSS….like there was for “Monkey boy” which is really SHIT… in my opinion GO…….Randy……….

  • TeeJay

    100% sportsman. Not to mention his contract… ;-)

  • nakdgrl

    WOW! This is really impressive. No cane either and only a slight limp!

  • CBR600RR 09

    Maxx I am with you, wasn’t it “amazing” when Valentino came back 44 days after his injury, yet RDP is passed over with his 22 day recovery…go figure.

    All the magazines I read and the shows I watch and RDp seriously isn’t mentioned anywhere except here for his recovery. I for one support him. Of course after Casey though.

  • There are some obvious and not so obvious reasons for this. For starters RdP hasn’t won 9 World Championships, and isn’t one of the most revered riders in MotoGP. Also his break wasn’t a compound fracture like Rossi’s, so it takes less time to recover.

    But yes, RdP doesn’t get a lot of press.