At Monza this week, Pirelli will be debuting a new qualifying tire solution for the World Superbike Championship. Taking a page from what Bridgestone is doing in MotoGP, the 200mm qualifying tire will include markers that will help indicate what tires are being selected during the Superpole competition. Pirelli tires will sport non-permanent white “long P” markings and yellow lines, which have been imprinted on to the tire’s surface. These markings will offer spectators and presenters a way of identifying what is happening during the Superpole in regards to tire choices.

Giorgio Barbier, Pirelli Tire Racing Manager, announced the addition of the markings to the press, and stated:

“We continue to put forth significant efforts in developing additional tire options available to every rider of the Superbike and Supersport grid, and we are satisfied with all the results, including this new qualifying tire which guarantees more excitement and visibility into the strategies of each team during Superpole for all spectators, both live and on television.”


Source: Two Wheels Blog