We are only a handful of hours away from the 91st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and unless you like waking up at zero-dark-thirty to queue up the mountain road, we have an easier way for you to follow all the Pikes Peak action. Teaming up with Red Bull this year, the organizers at Pikes Peak have made available a live stream of the race. Booyah internetz!

This means you can watch Sebastian Loeb and Peugeot attempt to crack the nine-minute barrier (the ten-minute barrier was just broken last year!), see Greg Tracy make his four-wheel debut at the Race to the Clouds on-board the Mitsubishi MiEV Evolution II electric race car (Monster Tajima is back with his electric supercar as well), and witness A&R lose a bet as Carlin Dunne attempts to set the outright motorcycle record on the Lightning Motorcycles electric superbike (Carlin has already posted the fastest qualifying time a motorcycle, petrol or electric, ever on the mountain).

To catch the action, you can either got to RedBull.tv or watch the live feed on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb website. The racing starts at 8am (MDT), and will go according to the following running order (found after the jump). With weather expected to come through the Pikes Peak area, be advised that there could be delays.

  1. Pikes Peak 1205
  2. Pikes Peak Superbike 750
  3. Heavyweight Supermoto
  4. Pikes Peak 450
  5. Pikes Peak 250
  6. Quad Modified
  7. Vintage Motorcycle
  8. Side Car
  9. Exhibition Power Sports
  10. Exhibition Power Sports-

— Break to bring the bikes down the mountain, and a new car parade —

  1. Ulimited
  2. Time Attack
  3. Electric
  4. Open Wheel
  5. Pikes Peak Open
  6. Exhibition
  7. Pikes Peak Vintage

Source: PPIHC; Photo: © 2013 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • L2C

    Dunno. Because F1.

  • David

    Holy crap…..talk about shitty coverage. lol

    I tried watching but they only show the announcers talking. They don’t even know who is on the track, even looking at the rider numbers. lol

    Don’t waste your time watching. They have no idea what they are trying to cover.

  • cyclerama

    Sad but true. Terrible live coverage. It’s the first time this has ever been shown live, and there are always problems with anything new (ask Bill Gates).

  • David


    Sheesh…I hate to be rude. But damn, do the announcers/producers even know what is going on here?

    I was waiting for Carlin Dunne.

    Thank gawd I was watching live timing and saw his name come up when he started. No freaking mention of him on the live coverage. They were trying to do an interview at the top. Why, I have no idea, their coverage at the top doesn’t work (can’t hear)most of the time.

    I just happened to switch from live timing and was astounded when they actually had some footage of Dunne on the mountain. But still no mention of him….lol….and they mostly showed announcers talking about something anyway.

    So I just watched live timing and saw how Dunne was destroying the sector times set by the Ducati….lol

    Dunne beat the fastest gasoline bike, Ducati, by 21 seconds for overall win (so far)….WOW

    10:00:694 to 10:21:323

    Still no mention of this on live coverage………WTF……IDIOTS!

    They probably should have done some testing of their coverage BEFORE the day of the event. lol

  • jej

    The promotional videos are pretty sweet at least… :/

  • L2C

    Well, F1 at Silverstone was shitty today. Unless you like to see your favorite drivers lose because of bullshit tires -Pirellis- this Pikes Peak Hill Climb might have been better.

    Count yourselves lucky that it was crappy because nobody knew what they were doing. Everybody knows what they are doing in F1. So when it’s bullshit, it is really bullshit.

    Sorry I missed this, actually.

  • “Well, F1 at Silverstone was shitty today.”


    Well, I’ll just have to suffer through it anyway. I’ve already missed the Pikes Peak run, so bad F1 is better than nothing at all. I hope.

    Amazing to see that the Lightning knocked 21 seconds off the Ducati time. There’s your argument for 100% torque 100% of the time at any elevation right there.

    I still worry about dirty EMF ’round the ‘nads with those purely electric vehicles. It’s bad enough with conventional ICE bikes. :-O

  • Josheurosports

    Pathetic is the only word that comes to mind after watching as much as could until I finally gave up. I work for a Ducati dealership in Pennsylvania called eurosports and had the pleasure of doing update training with Mr. Dunne in Palm Springs this March. It was nerve racking having a pikes peak winner ride behind me as we climbed the twisties of the mountains outside Palm Springs but was a cool experience none the less…to have live coverage got me all excited to see not only a champion of two wheels push himself and the bike to its limits..I was sadly disappointed that it was just one of the most awful things I ever saw…made the commentating of Ralph Shahene and Scott Russel seem like Julien Ryder and Toby Moody!

  • L2C

    @ Trane Francks

    Sorry for the spoiler-ish comment, Trane. I’ll be more mindful in the future.

    A little F1 coverage would be nice here, though. NASCAR and Indy Car, too. WRC? The site has the perfect name.

  • “Sorry for the spoiler-ish comment, Trane.”

    Not at all, mate! That’s kind of like apologizing for talking about the end of the Harry Potter series; it’s old news already. Although I still haven’t managed to watch the race yet (I only managed to get through FP3 and Qualy last night), I’m still very much looking forward to seeing what didn’t inspire you. :)

    Quite the news about Webber retiring at the end of the year to go race Porsches!

  • L2C

    Yes, I’m looking forward to Porsche’s return to endurance racing with an LMP1. I’m sure Webber will make them proud.

    This was the first year I put in time for the Le Mans 24hrs. Watched 9 of the 24 hours, so that was pretty good. That race really is the epitome of motorsports, in my opinion. The Audis and the Toyotas were spectacular. Can’t remember the guy who was driving the Morgan, but he was also great. And Patrick Dempsey’s team came to within one position of getting on the podium in their class. Too bad about the tragedy for Allan Simonsen, because otherwise every minute of the race that I watched was incredible.

    I’m very much looking forward to next year.