If you’ve already watched the Aragon GP, you may already have noticed the fact that the Repsol Honda team was using special livery for MotoGP’s penultimate European round. Decked out in special starred race livery created by Spanish designer Davidelfin, Repsol’s riders sure were the stars of the weekend, helping the Spanish company celebrate its 100th Grand Prix victory.

Achieving their first premier-class win at the 1995 Australian GP with Mick Doohan, Honda and Repsol’s partnership in GP racing has been a fruitful one to say the least. Looking for at least one Championship win during the 800cc era of MotoGP, Repsol Honda seems well on its path after this weekend at Motorland Aragon. Check out Davidelfin’s special Repsol Honda livery after the jump.

Source: Repsol Honda; Photos: HRC

  • kneee

    Fugly as sh*t

  • AK


  • KK

    So wait a, world famous designer did this and the best he could come up with is a start on the side and the front that looks like a kindergardener took a crayon and did it?

    Ill never get art or fashion i guess….

  • Cpt.Slow

    Bag of Cheetos

  • Kickstand

    What a terrible shame that Repsol Honda’s 100th victory was achieved not in the
    traditional Repsol livery but this putrid color scheme!

  • Agreed with all, that is just an unispired mess, but it was a great ride by a great rider.

  • I found the paint pretty lacking.

  • Dr. Gellar

    A Cheetos livery would have looked a lot better than this! :-)

  • T.J.

  • Alexontwowheels


  • Billy B.Tso

    absolute joke, i felt embarrassed for the riders having to lift a leg over that ugly wrapped pig – no doubt they would’ve gone even faster with better livery! Ha!
    In all honesty though, the designer has no clue about automotive ‘skin’ design…he missed the mark completely. Being in the design industry, it would be a dream to be given this opportunity! …and then i see this horse S#!&. Damn i was pissed off.

  • Bjorn

    My first thought was that kids had decorated the Repsol Hondas for some kind of fund raiser. The bikes definitely lacked the visual presence that they normally have on track.

  • Afletra

    Yamaha always have a better in design I think; the bike, the livery… unfortunately, they can’t fight those lemon candy wrapped bikes…

  • MrMKJ

    Nice KTM..! Oh wait a minute?

  • so am i the only one who sees this and thinks Carl’s Jr.???

  • Damo

    Wow, I guess I was the only cat that liked it…

  • Alexontwowheels

    @Damo. Really? Was it the Orange Julius color, or the child-like scribbled number plates and mangled brand names? Really? Maybe it was the egregious placement of wobbly stars wherever they felt like sprinkling them. Haha, look at the pictures of the riders too, they’re all mortified to be seen in this livery! Poor bastards. Who hires a fashion designer to design motorcycle schemes. Super epic fail. @Damo = Davidelfin?

  • Terpinator

    I hope they never run that livery again. The traditional Repsol paint scheme is iconic in MotoGP and looks fantastic. The new look has the wrong color orange and just looks washed out. And the graphics are bland and boring. That’s what you get when you hire some fashion designer to paint a race bike.

  • Damo


    My taste might be off on this one, but let’s be honest almost all race livery looks the same these days. I was just happy to see smething a bit different in the paddock.

    Don’t worry guys it was just for one race.

  • Worst livery ever!

  • Steve Lang

    That paint job and those leathers looked like were designed by Charlie Sheene and Perris Hilton after a five day meth binge. That was the worst thing I have ever seen. Embarrassing.

  • LouisLouis

    Not the best looker but it’s contemporary, might look nice on a road bike but they shoulda retained the Repsol livery for the 100th victory, or hell go with the HRC white, red and blue.