Photo of the Week: Physician, Heal Thyself

05/02/2011 @ 3:53 pm, by Scott Jones3 COMMENTS

Valentino Rossi managed a fifth place at Estoril this weekend, barely missing fourth as Andrea Dovizioso nipped him at the line after tailgating most of the race. The Doctor continues to have his hands full with the GP11, despite a nearly recovered shoulder and the ability to ride closer to his own personal potential. As graceful as Lorenzo looks on the Yamaha that Rossi and Jeremy Burgess developed, Rossi looks just as awkward at times on Casey Stoner’s old ride.

In response to Rossi’s complaints about all that is wrong with the Ducati, Stoner was quick to point out that the bike was good enough to win three of 2010’s final six races, suggesting that Rossi simply needed to adjust his riding style in order to go faster. The Doctor would rather heal the patient than himself however, and he and his team will continue to work on major changes to the GP11.

In the mean time, from images like the one above, we can see how Rossi struggles with his body position as he tries to get the Ducati to keep up with the Hondas and Yamahas. The switch to Ducati is looking like perhaps the greatest challenge of his career.

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  • Jay

    Rossi looks like a jocky on a thoroughbred racing horse in this pic!

    great stuff

  • 76

    Stoner mentions he won 3 of the last 6 races on that bike, well he should also mention his bitching and moaning about the front end when he crashed out the other 5 races in the 2010 season.

    If my memory serves me correctly Rossi missed 4 races with the leg, Stoner none and Rossi still beat him in points to finish 3rd while Stoner finished 4th, so since it wasnt the bike I wonder what caused Casey to show so poorly?

  • Brad

    ‘Stoner was quick to point out that the bike was good enough to win three of 2010’s final six races.’.

    Sure. But he didn’t even finish two out of the six.

    I was hoping this year was the year Stoner showed the world what being an Aussie sportsman was all about. I guess I’ll be disappointed. Again.

    How about these stats…. Podium rate for Rossi – 71%, Stoner – 44%. Championship win rate for Rossi – 60%, Stoner – 10%.

    I think Stoner’s mouth outweighs his talent.