Photo of the Week: You Gave Everything

10/31/2011 @ 12:15 pm, by Scott Jones5 COMMENTS

At the inaugural GP of India for Formula One, a moment of silence was observed for Marco Simoncelli and Dan Wheldon, and while I wondered how many among the F1 audience had ever heard of Marco, it was a fine gesture and certainly appreciated by the MotoGP community.

This week has been largely about trying to move on after the accident at Sepang, but that has proved very difficult to do for me and my colleagues, friends, and as yet unmet fellow MotoGP fans. I continue to receive requests for Simoncelli photos from increasingly obscure connections, in addition to those from close friends who want something with which to remember Marco.

I ran across this image from Catalunya, which helps put the loss in a proper context. The translation, provided at the time by a linguistically gifted friend on the Dorna staff, was something like: You gave everything because you loved. Certainly a 58 will appear beside the numbers of Shoya Tomizawa and Daijiro Kato if this fellow redoes his banner next season. And in all three cases, we are left to wonder what excitements and triumphs we might have witnessed had fate allowed 74, 48, & 58 to contest more Grand Prix races.

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  • RGR

    You sure this is a tribute to Simoncelli? Pretty sure he’s #58, not #48.

  • RGR

    Ha, never mind. It would help to read the article. LOL

  • MikeD

    Please, allow this Native Spanish speaking translate that for you.

    You gave everything(this part is right in the money)… now…

    For what you loved(that’s truly how it goes)…(^_^ )

    Your friend tried and got pretty close but im almost positive he don’t speak Spanish 24×7 and as a first language.

    As positive as English is not my Native Language…LOL.

  • Carmello Ezpeleta

    Spot on MikeD. Thats exactly the way you translated, not the way that Dorna guy did it.

    “Lo disteis todo por lo que amabeis” means exactly

    “You gave it everything for what you loved”

    Thats a proper description to what was the level of passion and commitment that Marco had with the sport.
    A real asphalt warrior, and very passionate about racing as we ve seen, and heard from his close friends.

  • Steve Lang

    What do they say about “one picture”? Keep up the great work Scott.