Photo of the Week: Iron Man

07/18/2011 @ 9:53 pm, by Scott Jones3 COMMENTS

Two operations on the same collarbone in two months, that collarbone being the second one broken this season, and a win in his second race back in action. Remarkable. Though tragically fragile for a motorbike racer, Dani is as tough as old boots and one of few individuals fast enough to challenge for the MotoGP title.

At the beginning of the year I prayed to the speed gods that Dani could finally have a season without injuries, but he didn’t get very far into the schedule in spite of my wishes. Can he now please have half a season with no injuries? If he manages that, he may not win the title, but the racing will certainly be better.

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  • agreed.

    dani gets a bad rep … and really for no good reason, other than perhaps his coach/manager (puig) being a dickhead.

    having run into dani a few times in the past few years, i can offer that he’s a very shy person who hardly ever speaks … and does not show any real emotion even when he wins.

    my observation is that because of his shyness, a lot of people believe he is an arrogant prick … but in reality, he’s just painfully shy.

    that said, i agree he deserves a break (no pun intended), and motogp racing will be the better for it if he can stay healthy.

  • keet

    what?? dani is NOT iron man or he wouldn’t have missed so many races races from injuries. sure, he’s a great racer, when healthy, but that is all part of the game. you can make someone ride smarter (lorenzo), but you can’t make someone less fragile.

    dani gets a bad rap ….for being injured EVERY season!

  • John, you’re spot on — Dani is probably the shyest guy in the MotoGP paddock. I’ve had a bit of one-on-one time with him, and he’s always very polite but also reserved. He has an immense talent that only seems to be limited by his ability to stay healthy. Any race he shows up to fit, he should be marked down as a contender.