Video: Peoria Euphoria with Sammy Halbert

08/21/2012 @ 5:50 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

You might think of flat track racing as the NASCAR of the two-wheeled world, but any form of motorcycle racing that involves crashing into hay bales, sliding around with no brakes, and competing with true wheel-to-wheel action gets our asphalt-loving respect. Just coming back from the Indy Mile, we can confirm that there is a spectacle in flat track races that is currently missing from road racing, so if you get the chance to make a local event, we whole-heartedly recommend it.

One such recent event was the Peoria TT, where young-gun Sammy Halbert made a little video about himself, riding with only left-hand turns, and of course racing at Peoria. A tad on the uncouth side, we suppose that is just part of the charm of that the series provides. Check the video out after the jump, it is totally “titties” as Sammy would say. Thanks for the tip Tyler!

Source: Sammy Halbert (Twitter)

  • New Zealand Dan

    It’s titties, awesome.

    not what i thought flat tracking was at all… the jump was a bit of a twist. looks fun.

  • John

    Awesome video, but I think the summary doesn’t do justice to flat track racing. The only thing flat track has in common with NASCAR is a lot of ovals, and it’s not fair to make it out to sound like some kind of hill billy inbred cousin of proper road racing. American flat track racing has produced GP world champions like Nicky Hayden, Wayne Rainey, Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer, and Eddie Lawson. Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi do flat-track style minibike training in the dirt. American flat track, I think, is the most under appreciated genre of two wheel racing. You’ll learn as much about going fast on a motorcycle in one weekend of sliding a dirt bike around as you would in a whole season of track days on a 600cc supersport. It really makes me wonder what guys like Ricky Carmichael or James Stewart could have done in GP road racing if they had gone flat track instead of motocross (Not that I can blame them, all the big money is in motocross these days).

  • DirtyDave

    It is truly a shame that AMA has deteriorated to such an extent that it can no longer promote (or support) such a great venue (sic) Flat Track.
    Look at how far the Daytona 200 has fallen in international acceptance (and participation).
    The roll call of motorcycle greats that have participated in flat track is incomparable: Sammy Tanner, Mark Reswerber, Gary Nixon, Gene Romero, Mert Lawill, Eddie Mulder, Bart Markel, Cal Rayborn, Dave Aldana, Kenny Roberts, Rick Hocking, Scott Parker, Jay Springsteen, Chris Carr, Wayne Rainey, Eddie Lawson, Randy Mamola, Bubba Shobert, Ricky Graham, John Kocinski, Rich Oliver, Doug Chandler, Nicky Hayden (with my appologies to those whom I have forgotten and not mentioned) the mind boggles.
    The last bastion of two wheeled sound and fury.
    I can’t wait for the event in Santa Rosa.

  • Campisi

    God that looks like a blast. I had no idea flat-track included technical circuits as well as ovals.

  • MTGR

    Pretty cool until the vid was overtaken by images of the singles. They may have done a lot for the series accessibility but personally I think they are ruining flat track.. Flat tack should be big twins, we already have supermoto, we don’t need to see it here too. If that jump seems impressive it would be much more impressive on a twin. Isn’t that how all the legends used to do it?

  • Screw the twins, MTGR. Puts the boys on TZ750 flat trackers from King Kenny’s days and let Darwin sort out the winners from the losers. ;-)

  • buellracerx

    titties. Rock on, Sammy