Pedrosa to Finally Ink Deal with Honda at Misano GP

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With Dani Pedrosa’s contract for 2010 with Honda all but signed, a brief wrench was thrown into the plan when Ducati was turned down by Jorge Lorenzo. This rejection gave further weight to Ducati’s similar pursuit of Dani Pedrosa, who was reportedly offered a similarly high salary figures.

Now with the renewal of Nicky Hayden’s contract, the avenue and bargaining chip for Pedrosa has shut, and there is really only one factory ride left for Dani: Repsol Honda. After Misano, it appears any rumors of Pedrosa jumping ship will finally be put to rest, but for the next few days, what that deal has in its provisions will be of some interest.

Allegedly, the snag on the Honda/Pedrosa contract was what role Pedrosa’s manager Alberto Puig would play in the team. Honda would like to go on without Puig in the picture, or at least in a diminished capacity, and since Puig represents Pedrosa, any deal suggesting that contingency was unacceptable.

This is what we like to call in the legal profession, a conflict of interest. Pedrosa himself may find the provision offensive as well, considering how instrumental/influential Puig has been in Dani’s success.

While all the material terms of the contract seem to have been agreed upon as early at Brno, this last sticking-point has certainly swung the balance of the negotiations. Whether it is just posturing, or actual sentiment we may never know; but in a few more days, we’ll have a better idea on who played their hand more masterfully.

Free Practice at Misano starts tomorrow GP fans.