Biaggi Has No Plans for a MotoGP Comeback

07/14/2010 @ 7:09 pm, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

With his dominant season in World Superbike, rumors have begun to swirl about Max Biaggi’s possible return to the MotoGP racing. With MotoGP’s rules set to change in 2012, there’s an opening to see manufacturers like Aprilia and BMW enter in the premiere series with its 100ccc/81mm specifications.

With many pundits believing those entries are a certainty, there’s a considerable amount of talk as to whom would ride an Aprilia prototype, and the name at the top of the list is The Emperor himself. Talking to GPone however, the 39-year-old Italian is emphatic that he has “absolutely no desire to return to MotoGP.”

Leading the World Superbike Championship by 68 points, Biaggi has all but runaway with the WSBK title, and aside from his early GP days, The Emperor is now seemingly at the top of his game. Biaggi seems certain to take the World Superbike Championship, which leaves some to ask what’s next for the Italian?

However at nearly 40, Biaggi is likely nearing the end of his racing career, which has been marked with its ups and down. Likely wanting to end things on a high note, and to be remembered as a champion, Biaggi stated at Brno that even if Aprilia’s MotoGP comeback comes to fruition, it would be without him. “I have absolutely no desire to return to MotoGP,” The Emperor bluntly stated, “not even for a new challenge,” which seems to put the kibosh on that racing speculation.

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  • Victor Knowles

    Max is a really talented rider . I’ve come to like him a lot this year.
    He seemed to be too much of a whiner in MotoGP.
    Alway’s blaming his bike. Maybe that was just the press.
    But this year he’s really shown his chops.
    He’s the man, on the best bike.

  • RSVDan

    I’m really glad to hear this. I think both Max AND Aprilia need to stay away from the GP circus. They are doing amazingly well in SBK and have nothing to prove elsewhere.

  • jamesy

    Anyone catch that great press/podium after BRNO race 1? Ehhha my bika she was nota so gooda today or I coulda showed upa! He aint done whineing, he’ll never be done with that, his ego wont let him. It all about him, always has been. Rossi got his # early on and bitch-slapped him in front of the world.
    He’s smoothe but too bad he’s so lame… Its allabouta Max