07/30/2012 @ 5:14 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Photo: © 2012 Rick Grayston – All Rights Reserved

  • anti

    If Rossi stays with Ducrappy next year, he had better be sure of winning on that bike, if not there will be 17 million euros worth of haters on his case. That would be a shame, as he’s pretty likeable, and a good measure decent personality in the sport.

  • JW

    This really does sum it up the silly season. I love a photo that means more than the sum of its parts. Consider where Hayden is in points for such a “bad bike”. Hayden is truly the hardest working best example right now in the sport. Would Rossi have picked up his team mate any year at any race event? I am not convinced Rossi is good for Ducati 2013.


  • Damo

    I was at Laguna Seca this yeah it was a intense to see Hayden pick up Rossi and ride to the pits. It was a nice moment amidst all the chaos of race weekend.

    Dude is a class act.

  • Maas

    Ducati should pay Hayden €17m instead.

  • JohnMc

    If Nicky is Captain America, does that make Rossi George Hanson the down on luck hard drinking lawyer? Shouldn’t he have a football helmet on?

    Nicky: “You gotta helmet?
    Rossi: “Oh, oh I’ve got a helmet! HAHA! I got a beauty … “

  • paulus

    To lower expenses, racers will share bikes from now on…. however, lap times will be compromised.

  • Steven Oliver

    Forgetting everything else going on right now in MotoGP, does anyone else think this is funny as all get out??

  • pooch

    Uccio is going to be SO JEALOUS when he sees this picture.

  • Patron

    I would say, considering all that is going on in MotoGP right now, this photo is very fitting.

  • Jimmy Midnight

    Considering Hayden has consistently finished ahead of Rossi for most of the races this season, it was only a matter of time before Rossi just had to take a closer look to find out why!!!!!!

  • Grant Madden

    Only goes to prove that dispite the intense competitive nature of these guys underneath it all they are still typical bikers who will give a fellow biker a lift in dire cicumstance and yes I have seen Rossi do the same for another rider in the past and hes not the only one who has given their copmpetitor a lift.