Nicky Hayden to Undergo More Surgery on His Shoulder

02/05/2012 @ 12:25 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

Ducati Corse rider Nicky Hayden was back in the SF Bay Area this week, and no he wasn’t in town for the Occupy Oakland movement that had the ghetto bird circling above A&R HQ all night. Returning to Fremont, CA to see Doctor to the Stars Dr. Arthur Ting, Hayden’s scans revealed damage to the American’s cartilage in his shoulder and muscles on his back.

These injuries caused Hayden to have to sit out most of the Sepang MotoGP test last week, lapping only a handful of laps each day in Malaysia before letting Ducati test rider Franco Battaini take over. Being the true red-blooded football loving American that he is, Hayden is surely watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, but is scheduled to go under the knife on Monday to further assess and repair his injuries.

“Of course another operation before the season is never a good thing,” said Nicky Hayden. “But I’m actually happy that I tried to ride at Malaysia, because it helped me to discover that the problem with the shoulder was bigger than we thought. After seeing the scans, it was clear why I couldn’t ride well.”

“Setbacks are a part of life and a part of MotoGP, so we’ll deal with it and do everything possible to get back on the bike in good condition as soon as possible,” continued Hayden. “Ducati and the team are putting maximum effort into this championship, and that helps me to keep my spirits high and to be confident heading into the season.”

Source: Ducati Corse

  • PD

    It’s a shame that Nicky will have to have the surgery so close to the beginning of a promising season.

    He was scheduled for the Jerez test before Sepang II, which now he won’t be able to attend. A question I had even before this news of Nicky’s surgery is, why is not Valentino testing at Jerez, regardless of whether or not Nicky is? I know the Jerez test for Nicky was considered to be somewhat of a “replacement” for his Sepang I, as he wasn’t really able to “test” there; nonetheless, even though Vale was able to put in the full three days at Sepang I, it couldn’t hurt to have another go at Jerez before Sepang II, could it? It’s a brand new freaking bike — shouldn’t he be testing it as much as possible? Or, is it down to the notion that he has already tested everything that the team wanted at Sepang I, that there wouldn’t be anything new, parts, etc., for Jerez, and therefore it would only be a “waste of time” for Vale to be there? Even if that were the case, shouldn’t he be on the Duc as much as possible, period? I mean, given last season, it would seem that he simply needs to spend as much time being on the Duc, whichever iteration, as possible.

  • Macguytpa

    @PD – Now this is pure speculation on my part but I believe the reason for Rossi not testing in Jerez has to do with testing restrictions for individual riders. Since Hayden has essentially missed testing he was being allowed to test at Jerez. Again I have not verified any of this but if memory serves me then I am correctly remembering the regulations regarding this.

  • PD

    I believe that rule was changed for 2012. The only thing limiting riders from participating in tests (private or official) for 2012 would be for the teams to test so much that it would run out of tire allotment for the entire season, a scenario that is unlikely to be seen.

    You are right that, in prior seasons, riders were only allowed to test in official test sessions, but that limitation was removed for 2012.

    As for Ducati’s upcoming Jerez test, other than the team deciding it is unnecessary, there should be nothing else keeping Rossi from being able to participate. Which, again for the sake of getting as acclimated as fricking possible to the GP12 if no parts or set-ups remain to be tested, he should partake in.

  • MikedD

    The poor thing…he’s so fudged.