Nicky Hayden Riding the Indy Mile

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If you weren’t in Indianapolis for the Indy GP, you certainly missed one of the better side events of the weekend: The Lucas Oil Indy Mile AMA Flat Track Grand National. It’s hard to make riding on packed dirt at breakneak speeds with no brakes more exciting, but throw in former flat track Champion Nicky Hayden, the entire Ducati Corse MotoGP team, and a contract announcement and you have the makings for a very special event.

With Ducati Motor Holdings CEO Gabriele del Torchio on-stage to announce Hayden’s new two-year contract, motorcycle racing fans got to see their homeboy do good. Helping celebrate the event, Hayden took to the track with his steel boot, and held nothing back for his loyal followers.

Watching the races from the Ducati VIP bleachers, the evening was an interesting mix of the prim & proper MotoGP/Dorna regulars and the sleeves-optional run-what-you-brought style of Indiana flat track fans. With the stands packed to watch the endless stream of racing, we spotted Carmelo Ezpeleta in attendance, and couldn’t help but wonder if the Dorna CEO took away some notes on how to improve MotoGP, along with the clods of mud on his Italian leather shoes. Packed seats, close racing, complete fan involvement…hmm…MotoGP could use some of those things right now.

Source: Nicky Hayden (Facebook)