Nicky Hayden’s 2012 is going to get off on the wrong foot, as the American MotoGP racer has reportedly broken his left scapula and fractured two ribs, while training near his home in Owensboro, Kentucky. The news is a bad break for Hayden (no pun intended), as the incident occurred while the Ducati Corse rider was training at a private indoor flat track facility, and was the first time Hayden had been on a motorcycle since breaking his scaphoid at the Valencian GP on November 6th.

Undergoing x-rays, CAT scans, and an MRI, doctors have ruled out the need for surgery at this time for Hayden, though his injuries will be assessed next week by Dr. Arthur Ting out here in sunny Fremont, California. Based on his rate of healing the next few weeks, Hayden may or may not be fit for MotoGP’s first 2012 winter testing session, which is slotted for January 31st. Knowing the Kentucky Kid though, he’ll likely just grit his teeth and git-r-done when the time comes.

“Obviously, injuries are never good, but it’s part of motorcycle racing,” said Hayden. Just like at Valencia, it was kind of a freak accident. I was starting to train again, like I normally do during the winter, at a private track near my house. I came up behind another rider, and he went to move out of the way. I wasn’t going that fast, but he clipped my front wheel and I went down and landed pretty hard on my left shoulder, and that was it. It’s disappointing, but there’s nothing to do about it but heal quickly. Anyway, this doesn’t change my expectations for 2012 which, fortunately, is just around the corner.”

Source: Ducati Corse

  • Halfie 30

    Heal up quick Nicky. You and Vale have to shut everyone up on the GP12!!!

  • MP

    That Gp12 is waitin’, along with the haters! Get better quickly Nicky – America (fuck yeah!) is in your corner.

  • MikeD

    Oh, Ducati….you are SO FUDGED UP is sad. I heard Honda was giving free counseling to it’s ” We can’t get our shit(frames/whole bike/riders) RIGHT no matter what we do” MGP Rivals . LMFAO.

    Does this comment makes me a Hater ? (0_O)’? or a Master Troll (^_^)

  • That sucks!!! :/ get well soon Nicky hardest part of shoulder sergery is regaining the strength quickly… takes along time took me a month to get back on a bike but after 4 or so laps i wasn’t able to hold the lines consistently due to a week shoulder and thats at track day speeds not race speed… get well soon!!

  • retire, your sell by date came and went

  • pat walker

    Those XR 100’s are kinda fast maybe Nik should try a XR 80.

  • Shaitan

    Yikes! Get better soon Nicky!