MotoGP: Sachsenring Race Date Could Change…Again

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The date of the German round of MotoGP at the Sachsenring is once again surrounded by uncertainty. A minor readjustment of the Formula One calendar means that the German F1 and MotoGP races are once again scheduled for the same date, July 7th, meaning that the Sachsenring race could well be forced to move to the following week, July 14th being an option, according to German-language website Speedweek.

The clash between the two series was caused by Formula One rescheduling the German F1 GP, the second time it has done so. A previous change had forced the Sachsenring to move from July 14th to July 7th, to accommodate F1 on the 14th. But now, the German F1 GP has been moved forward a week, to allow an extra race to be inserted in the calendar on July 21st.

Under an agreement between MotoGP and Formula One, the two series attempt to avoid schedule clashes as much as possible, and try especially not to race in the same country on the same date. Holding both F1 and MotoGP in Germany on July 7th would cause major dilemmas for TV companies around the world, especially in Germany, as onto which race to focus their resources.

Usually, when the two series clash, it is MotoGP which is forced to move, as having an F1 race on the same day as MotoGP means lower attendances and lower TV audiences for MotoGP. However, Germany could be the one exception to that general rule: the Sachsenring is one of the most popular MotoGP events of the season, attracting over 80,000 spectators in 2012, despite miserable conditions all weekend. Attendances for F1 races in Germany have been very low, and both Hockenheim and the Nurburgring have had trouble filling the stands, despite having a German World Champion in Sebastian Vettel.

Whether the Sachsenring MotoGP round will be moved or not is still uncertain, and likely to remain so until the extra F1 race is confirmed. Reports in various F1 media suggest that Bernie Ecclestone was trying to bring F1 back to the Istanbul circuit, but that would require financial support from the Turkish government, something the Turkish government is unwilling to provide. Ecclestone is believed to be considering other options if Istanbul falls through, but it is unknown what Ecclestone will do if a race cannot be organized on July 21st.

Whatever the date of the German round of MotoGP, the tickets which have already been sold will remain valid, according to the local newspaper Freie Presse.

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This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

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