MotoGP: Malaysian GP Cancelled

10/23/2011 @ 2:09 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

After a tragic accident involving Marco Simoncelli, Colin Edwards, and Valentino Rossi, MotoGP has decided not to resume the Malaysian GP. The decision came down as Marco Simoncelli battled for his life at the track-side medical center, with Race Direction stating that it would be inappropriate to restart the race while Simoncelli was in such a precarious position medically. Succumbing to his injuries shortly after the cancellation was announced, heartbreak swept the paddock with the news that Marco Simoncelli died at the age of 24.

The Malaysian GP managed less than two full laps before the tragic incident occurred, which saw the San Carlo Gresini Honda rider lose the front-end of his motorcycle while keeping the bike upright with his knee. Off-balance and off the saddle, Simoncelli and his Honda RC212V cut back across the track near Turn 11, right in front of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. With nowhere to go, Edwards locked up the front of his Yamaha race bike, nearly crashing in the process, and unfortunately collided with Simoncelli. Valentino Rossi also made contact with his fellow Italian, a force so brutal it dislodged Simoncelli‘s helmet from his head.

Taking the brunt of the impacts, Simoncelli lay unconscious in the middle of the circuit, while Colin Edwards crashed off the track grasping his arm and hand (Monster Tech 3 Yamaha has announced that Edwards has dislocated his shoulder). Rossi was able to keep his Ducati upright, and ride back into the pits. With the race immediately red-flagged, Simoncelli was driven by ambulance to the circuit medical center, where he was initially said to be conscious but critical in his condition. Choosing to cancel the day’s race because of the horrific accident, MotoGP soon after lost one of its biggest personalities and rising stars, as Marco Simoncelli succumb to his injuries at 4:56pm local time.

Making a statement about the accident, Medical Director Michele Macchiagodena stated the following:

“I’m very sad to be here to report about the death of Marco Simoncelli, a friend. Because of the crash he had during the race, in which he was hit by other riders, he suffered a very serious trauma to the head, to the neck and the chest. When our medical staff got to him he was unconscious. In the ambulance because there was a cardiac arrest they started CPR (cardiac pulmonary resuscitation). Immediately in the Medical Centre, with the help also of the Doctor of our staff at the Clinica Mobile and local Doctors, he was intubated and it was possible to take off some blood from the thorax. The CPR was continued for 45 minutes because we tried to help him for as long as we thought it was possible. Unfortunately it was not possible to help him and at 16:56 (local time) we had to declare he was dead.”

The news has hit the MotoGP paddock, with riders and teams pouring out their sympathies for Marco’s family, friends, loved ones, and teammates. The second to last race of the season, the Malaysian GP will surely carry a dark cloud to Valencia, as MotoGP‘s final race of the season is in two weeks’ time. Godspeed Marco. You will be missed, and motorcycle racing is the lesser because of your absence.

Source: MotoGP; Photo: © 2011 Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • RJ

    Words fail. A very big loss to the whole GP community. Super Sic was by far the most entertaining rider to watch in GP and was a very awesome person off the track.


    Also, I think the FIM should retire number 58 in honor of a great man.

  • DanG

    I met him purely by chance at the Indy Museum in 2008… he was remarkably modest and friendly. Truly charming, kind and bright. My hands are shaking as I type this… I agree with RJ that his number should be retired.
    MotoGP will miss presence forever.

  • Westward

    The FIM, Dorna, Tech3, & Ducati should be responsible for providing extensive counselling to both Edwards and Rossi… I cannot imagine what the two must be going through, and I doubt even they know how to handle this event…

    Not to take anything away from the Tomizawa incident of last year, involving Redding and D’Angelis, however, Edwards and Rossi, are older and more reflective, not to mention the close relationship the two men had, Rossi and Simoncelli both…

    Godspeed Simoncelli, and may God comfort Rossi as well, to ease his suffering for the loss of a dear friend…

  • Cpt.Slow

    M#&# F@#$ heart breaking….

    I would not be too surprised if Rossi, Edwards, or both retire…

  • Alexontwowheels

    Crushing. A tremendous loss to the sport, and the world.

    @Cpt. Slow, if you think either Rossi or Edwards would retire as a result, you’re not very familiar with the way this works. To retire/quit would be the LAST think Simoncelli would want, and to do so would be to disrespect his memory. These riders know the raises they take, and it is accepted as part of the deal. Heartbreaking, emotional, difficult to swallow… Yes. But in the mind of a competitor it is all the more reason to go out and ride harder/better/faster/stronger, because it’s in their blood.

  • Steve Lang

    This is a sad, sad day and a tragic loss for all of us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He was so fortunate to have lived his life doing what he loved. He was living his dream and he knew it. We were just sharing in it as we watched. Our hearts and prayers go out to Edwards, Rossi and all of Moto GP. I’m so sorry………

  • Kroeter

    Bad day for MotoGP and the racing world. Sad feelings and sympathy go out to Marco’s family and friends and well wishes to Edwards and Rossi. Another hard reminder the speed and excitement of racing is balanced by the danger it also presents. Let’s hope everyone can re-focus and get back to riding to the best of their abilities. I’ll miss seeing Super Sic swing out his long leg while slowing for a tight turn. R.I.P. #58.