MotoCzysz set an unofficial lap record today at the TT Zero, the Isle of Man’s electric class for the Isle of Man TT. Averaging 94.664 mph over the Mountain Course, Mark Miller and the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc were clocked doing 131.1 mph through the Sulby speed trap. Compare those times to Rob Barber & Team Agni’s 83.689 mph run for the day, which was short of the team’s 2009 performance of 87.434mph (which is also the current class record). The Isle of Man government has setup a £10,000 prize for the first team to crack the 100mph average barrier, which could well be in MotoCzysz’s grasp after today’s showing.

Talking about winning the £10,000 prize Czysz said, “I’m really confident now with the bike and will happily not touch it now until the race. I think that the bike is capable of achieving the 100mph lap as we still have something in reserve but it will require everything going right on race day.” It’s of note that the E1pc has completed its laps of the Mountain course thus far without its entire front fairing in-place, and once installed could add to the bike’s aerodynamics.

Team Agni seems to be MotoCzysz’s big competition (besides the Mountain Course itself of course) thus far in the TT Zero, and has only shown performance reminiscent of last year’s race. Local favorites Team Man TTX, have also had good outings on the Mountain, and are 3 mph behind Team Agni. Both teams will have to find something extra on race day though if they want to catch MotoCzysz (did someone say dustbin?).

SERT, the Swedish Electric Race team, was unable to practice because of a motor malfunction. The team is having new parts rushed to them, hopefully in time for Wednesday’s race.

Official TT Zero Practice Results from June 7th:

Num. Rider Bike Aveerage Lap Speed & Time
3 Mark Miller 2010 MotoCzysz E1PC 94.664 MPH / 23:54.84
1 Robert Barber 2010 Zero AGNI E1 83.689 MPH / 27:03.00
4 James McBride 2009 Man TTX 80.815 MPH /28:00.74
12 Martin Loicht 2010 Htbluva XX Project 66.140 MPH /34:13.64
9 George Spence 2008 Peter Williams 54.641 MPH /41:25.82
7 Mark Buckley 2010 Ecolve Bolt TT 48.966 MPH /46:13.93

Source: Isle of Man TT

  • sooooooo much thinner!!!

  • Dr. Gellar

    Excellent! It feels good to see the MotoCzysz team are starting to finally show the potential of their amazing product and all of their hard work. Good luck on Wednesday guys! :-)

  • GeddyT

    Although this still isn’t something that’s going to be winning a GP against ICE bikes, let’s think about this:

    This bike just averaged nearly 100mph over a ~40 mile course with a top speed of over 130mph.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we’ve got an electric bike that can officially provide a HELL of a good time on your commute! Is ANYONE going to need any more than that out on public streets? Bring things down to only reasonably illegal speeds, throw the rest of the fairings on, and I’d bet you could even get considerably more range out of it–a safe 50 to 60 miles, perhaps, if you don’t break 100mph?

    I can get take the much longer, much more fun way to work and still be under that range, and this sure would be a fun way to do it!

    And this is a starting point. Batteries will get better. Motors will get better. Prices will get MUCH better. I think I can say with confidence that I will own one of these some day.