Mladin Stays Put…For Now

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In 140 characters or less, Mat Mladin has signaled that he won’t be jumping to WSBK anytime soon. Linked to Reitwagen’s satellite BMW racing effort, Mladin’s possible seat on the team went to Andrew Pitt just last week. Mladin created some buzz with his tweet two weeks ago, which hinted that the ex-AMA racer was considering making the transition to World Superbike racing.

In a new tweet, Mladin said, “No return for MM to racing in World SBK. Please take me back DMG (obi wan), you are my only hope ;-)” Despite this message, the rumors persist that the Australian could make at least a few appearances in the WSBK series as a Yoshimura Suzuki wildcard. Given Mladin’s cutting comments about Suzuki in his twitter feed, we’re not sure what the chances of that rumor coming true are.

For now the AMA Champion seems content to live his personal life, and fire a couple missiles across the bow of the AMA/DMG every-other week or so; Mladin has even floated the idea (tongue squarely in cheek) of a three-race series that would include the venues left-off of the AMA’s provisional calendar.