Mission One TTXGP Racer Breaks Cover at Isle of Man TT

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A little late with its unveiling, Mission Motors has finally shown off its Mission One TTXGP race bike to the public at large. Noticeable right off the bat is the lack of fit-and-finish the the Mission One displays when compared to the Brammo or MotoCzysz motorcycles. But as the A&R track bike can attest to, how a bike looks, is poor, and usually incorrect indication of how it goes around the race track.

The Mission One sports what looks to be an extremely large fairing body, behind which we can expect a plethora of batteries to be housed. If size is to be believed as an accurate measure, this could well mean that Mission Motors is packing the most juice out of the American TTXGP hopefuls. More power means more speed, and on a circuit like the Isle of Man, being able to sustain a higher top speed than your competitors on those fast sections pays off big dividends.

With the TTXGP racers on the Mountain Course tomorrow, we’ll see which entrant has the most power, and whether or not size will play a factor in achieving the best time around the circuit. As a point of reference, the average speed record for the course is just over 130MPH. We don’t expect any of the TTXGP racers to come close to that mark, but we can imagine that while testing tomorrow, all of the teams will be looking to see how quickly they can ride their bikes on the top-end, and still complete the 37.73 mile course.

We also expect to see reliability to be a big factor as many of these teams have not had the time to test their race bikes extensively due to the quick development requirements.