Mission Motors Racing at Infineon with Steve Rapp*

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More news from the Asphalt & Rubber Bothan Spy network (that’d be a great spin-off site by the way…if George Lucas wouldn’t bullseye us like womp rats from a T-16 for our copious use of Star Wars references in our posts), as we’ve gotten word that Mission Motors is gearing up to go racing at the TTXGP season-opener at Infineon Raceway in two weeks’ time. At the helm of the gorgeous Mission R electric superbike will be AMA Pro Racing’s Steve Rapp.

The caveat to this news is that it all is contingent on Mission Motors getting its race bike ready to race in time for the event. The Bothans go on to tell us that the bike’s battery pack still needs to come together, which is something we’ve heard for some time now, but could suggest that the team has advanced its tech further and is upgrading the Mission R for even more on-board energy/power. As always, time will tell.

The Infineon TTXGP round is shaping up to be a good one, as entries from Brammo, Lightning, and other competitors are expected to make an appearance. Everyone seems to be scrambling to get done in time for the round, and from what we’ve heard, a lot of the major teams have made considerable technological advancements.

Brammo will be racing its Empulse RR with Motorcycle-USA’s Steve Atlas piloting the Oregonian electric motorcycle. Reports on Motorcycle-USA suggest the team is still struggling with melting motors, which hopefully they can overcome by race day. From the Lightning camp, rumors of the return of the Flying Banana appear to be true.

Photos of the Mission Motors Mission R Electric Superbike:

Source: Bothan Spies