The Mission Motors crew was out at Laguna Seca this past weekend with the Mission R electric superbike. Taking part in the Refuel Time Trial, Steve Rapp piloted the Mission R around the historic coastal Californian track, clocking in a top lap time of 1:43.700 according to the Mission stopwatches. With that pace, it would put the Mission R as backmarker in the AMA Supersport race at Laguna Seca last year, and about 15 seconds off Steve Rapp’s own Daytona SportBike time at the same event.

While true sportbike parity isn’t here yet, this is to only the second time that Mission Motors has had the Mission R on the track (Mission somehow sneaked the Mission R onto Thunderhill Raceway without our Bothans informing us), which makes the lap a pretty impressive starting point for the design. Check the video after the jump.

Steve Rapp was reportedly pleased with the chassis, setup out of the box, allowing the Mission to team to really begin dialing in the Mission R. Talking to Mission’s Edward West about the new chassis, the founding member of Mission Motors simply stated that “it really speaks to the talent of James Parker.”

Ashland, Oregon’s Brammo was also out at Seca with its Brammo Empulse RR and Steve Atlas at the helm. We don’t have any times from their laps, but we’ve heard they were doing competitive and tight laps with their electric motorcycle.

Mission Motors is expected to compete at the joint FIM/TTXGP round, being held in conjunction with MotoGP’s US GP at Laguna Seca later in July, and will have to contend with the Isle of Man TT winner MotoCzysz, the 2010 TTXGP North America winner Lightning Motorcycles, and recent Infineon winner Brammo, among other competitors.

Source: Mission Motors; Photos: Brian Reynolds /

  • Dr. Gellar

    It lives! Hopefully this means they will be racing in the FIM e-Power\TTXGP race during MotoGP weekend.

  • Bob

    Good to see Mission back in action. The July e-moto race could be really exciting for once if Mission, Brammo, Motocysz, and Lightning show up. The Lightning bike crapped out at the recent of isle of man race though. I wonder if Chip Yates will be there?

  • Chip Yates will not be there, his bike does not meet the minimum weight rule, nor does his current strategy include racing in electric only classes.

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  • Thijs

    Lap time + 1.50 min, still 6sec slower then lap record e-power 2010

  • Fastest lap by Mission was 1:43.700

  • Thijs

    OK that’s very good,good work!
    I hope in race they can reach the low 40’s

  • gabbariele

    CRP Racing will be at Laguna Seca as well, and guess what?! A woman will ride the eCRP 1.4!

  • Kona

    Strange, it takes 1min24 sec to clear the lap on the video and the real lap time should be 1min47 sec. Is the frame rate of this video “adjusted” to make the ride more exciting?