Who Needs MotoGP.com When We Have This?

06/25/2012 @ 1:09 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

If you are a true MotoGP fan here in the United States, then you have surely dropped SPEED’s abysmal coverage of the premiere class for the vastly superior coverage on Dorna’s own web property: MotoGP.com. Having a monopoly on internet-based video coverage of Grand Prix racing, MotoGP.com certainly brings its euros-worth of MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 news, interviews, and analysis to your computer screen.

However, there has always been a desire for something more, something free — now that day has come. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce to you the MiniBikers web series. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hate Alvin & The Chipmunks even more than you already do. Check out the Silverstone round re-cap after the jump.

Source: YouTube via Two Wheels Blog

  • Paul McM

    “Vastly superior coverage on Dorna’s own web property: MotoGP.com”? Umm, there are more stories, more photos, and more interviews, to be sure. But the coverage on MotoGP.com is still woefully short of meaningful technical information, and insightful commentary by knowledgeable engineers, pit crewmen, and riders. How about publishing the rules, and a spec sheet for all the bikes with weights, HP, wheelbase? Tell us the cost of some components, and give us a solid explanation of the electronics. I subscribed to MotoGP.com and I can tell you it wasn’t worth the money, because I could get better tech info on this site, asphatandrubber.com for FREE!

    Also, when I signed up with Dorna for MotoGP.com, Dorna billed my card THREE times for a single subscription. I had to file a protest with AmericanExpress, which reversed the duplicate and triplicate charges.

    SpeedTV.com give you the race, call by a couple of annoying Brits who seem to know zero about the machinery. Half the time the keep passes and crashes occur during the countless commercial breaks. And the coverage halts the instant the winning bike rolls into victory lane. We don’t even get an interview with the winning rider and crew chief sometimes.

    Both SpeedTV.com and MotoGP.com have a LONG way to go, IMHO, before they can be said to deliver a satisfactory product.

  • jw

    Won’t the almighty Dorna file a lawsuit against the Minbikers 2012 GP race?

    I must say this was more entertaining than the race itself.

  • SBPilot

    MotoGP.com commentary is so bloody boring I can’t stand it. Eurosport is much better, too bad we can’t watch that online here.

  • Westward

    This is how I have been watching my MGP coverage for the past couple of years…

  • MikeD

    LMAO…i can’t get enough of “chibi” Spies crying and wondering what has happened to his luck.

  • Ben

    Unwatchable, the stupid voicing ruins the cartoon.

  • shadowwalker

    These are race highlilights for Dorna people …

  • Smiler

    BBC, Asphalt & Rubber Eurosport. Winning sandwich.

  • mike

    I would be fine with Speeds coverage if they would just ditch Greg Creamer.

  • Damo


    Really? I always kinda liked the dramatic Greg Creamer intros, in a dorky kinda way.

  • Leo

    Ummm Eurosport and BBC torrents in HD are available almost right after the races. From the left coast by the time I I finish my coffee (9am pdt)I got my races already DLed. Yes I know it’s immoral but I do subscribe to Speed however their coverage and constant commercial breaks suck…so … Do some googling find a good torrent, enjoy your coffee and then watch racing the proper way, you’ll never watch a live race again..

    Oh yeah, the only bad thing is I can’t read A&R as usual first thing in the morning… Gotta avoid the spoilers

  • tom z

    I want those 3 minutes back.

  • John

    You guys sound like a bunch of curmudgeons. I found this video to be thoroughly amusing, and hope they keep coming all season. Delightfully corny.

  • ben

    …and bonus points go to John above, for using the word ‘curmudgeon’ in the comments section of A+R.

  • Mick

    Speed’s coverage is awful. Greg Creamer is close to a carnival barker and the lack of info and rider interviews post race really highlights the detail that Speed misses. BBC coverage is infinitely better with much more detail and insight. DLed is the answer.

  • spectre

    Eurosport UK wins for informed commentary; Moody, Ryder and Spalding seem to be able to recall every result, lap time, spec and dramatic moment between them at whim. They also bring genuine passion for the sport, and first hand knowledge of the riders, as I gather they’re popular with the teams too.

    They also don’t miss crashes, overtakes, or bike malfunctions. Nothing is more infuriating when watching than when someone passes and the commentators take a further 5 corners to realise.

    I subscribe to motogp.com as Im almost always abroad on race day, so its a great way to watch where ever I am. However if I watch a Eurosport repeat the commentary brings an extra dimension which I feel the website commentators miss. Streaming in HD is a plus though, bike racing in HD is a whole new level.