Michael Jordan Talks Motorcycles on ESPN’s E:60

05/07/2010 @ 6:05 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

This week on E:60, ESPN’s Hannah Storm got a moment to interview Michael Jordan about his involvement in motorcycles and ownership of the Michael Jordan Motorsports team, which found its first victory ever while at this year’s Daytona 200 season opener. In the interview, Jordan talks about how he got into the sport of motorcycling, and the trials and tribulations of owning a motorsports team.

While motorcycle enthusiasts might not appreciate the surface-level treatment Storm and ESPN give motorcycle racing in the segment, it’s also important to realize that someone like Michael Jordan brings a spotlight on our sport and industry that has never before been seen by mainstream media and consumers. Check the segment after the jump, and let us know if you think this is a positive or negative publicity boost for motorcycles.

Source: ESPN; Photo: 23 Race

  • Steveo

    Personally I feel MJ racing is a positive for AMA racing:

    1. He has a good team, and they have worked hard and stuck with it. Like Graves said, “I have seen business men come and quickly get frustrated.”
    2. Its 1 mil. that a team didn’t have in the paddock until he showed up.
    3. His publicity brings in new fans (small degree but still some)
    4. His apparel line will definetly draw in the inner city riders, and appeals better to the african american crowd.

    Anyone willing to work hard, play fair, invest personal capital and stick with a race organization is a plus in my book.

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  • Steve

    Sure it’s a great thing that MJ has his team and invests his own money bringing a level of attention to our sport however, for the sport to thrive and compete in this country, there has to be much more. It’s sad for me to remember larger crowds at an AMA national in the early 70’s than a few months ago at Fontana (It reminded me of a club race). You’ve got to market the sport and the timing today could not be better. To succeed you must have have a direction, a goal and be consistent. (unlike DMG)

    A small case in point…the weekend before the race at Fontana, Josh Hayes and his wife rode their street bikes up to Palomar Mountain where sportbike guys ride and gather. Mr.and Mrs Hayes hung out and met with the locals and invited all of them to the race at a discounted rate if they mentioned his name. Many of those people attended the race the following weekend to check it out. Hayes was thinking out of the box. That was just one person with one idea and it worked.

    Market it correctly…..and they will come

  • matthew

    We need to dispense with the notion that motorcycling is unreasonably dangerous and get away from the fascination with hooliganism and outlaw bikers before this will ever become truly acceptable in the US. Look at car racing; it’s much larger and still seen as a lesser sport (NASCAR) or a trivial pastime for the rich (F1).

    I think the spot was good except for the bit about him riding dangerously. Of course the report zeroed in on that and of course it took up a giant chunk of time they could have used to introduce the riders or talk about what the team is doing differently to ensure wins in the future.

  • How many times does Storm ask Jordan “how fast” he was going…it’s like that’s the only metric that exists.

    How fast was he going on the street, how fast do they go at Daytona, how fast was he going down the straightaway…

  • Bill Smith

    My speculation – AMA Road racing will not exist as an American sport in five years. Just about every successful rule of marketing and public relations has been ignored, violated, or poorly executed. There is no room for this level of error in today’s economy.

    Combine this with a failing industry and facilities that just do not cater to a mainstream sports audience and you have the perfect recipe for collapse.

    Watch, participate and attend while the sport still exists.

  • Steve

    Well Bill…..Your point is well taken and I believe you may be right. I hope not. My hope is that something much better will rise from the ashes and the Match “Races” will live again. Did you see Monza last Sunday? The races were incredible. And the stands…….overflowing. We’d better do something, and fast.