Michael Dunlop Wins the Joey Dunlop TT Championship

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Given every year to the rider who wins the most points in the five main event solo races, the Joey Dunlop TT Championship Trophy is the not the ultimate goal for the competitors in the Isle of Man TT, but it certainly is a prestigious prize. Winning four of the five main races this week already, Michael Dunlop has locked up the trophy named after his Uncle Joey, ahead of the TT’s blue ribbon race, the Senior TT.

Michael will be keen to win the Senior, less so because of the clean sweep, but more so because it would single the true arrival of the Irish racer as a serious contender in every class. Before this TT fortnight, Dunlop had won only three races (two Supersport races and one Superstock race) at the Isle of Man, though he wasn’t considered just yet to be in the same league as the veteran Superbike class riders. We believer that distinction is no longer relevant.

With the £10,000 prize check going to Michael, the battle for second is still being hotly contested. McGuinness currently sits second, with 61 points. With 59 points though is Bruce Anstey, meaning the Kiwi will only have to finish ahead of McGuinness to move ahead in the Joey Dunlop TT Championship. In fourth is William Dunlop, with 43 points.

The Privateers Championship is still being hotly contested. Steve Mercer is currently leading, with 50 points. However, Mercer is closely followed by Lee Johnston with 49 points, and Dan Kneen and Ben Wylie, who are both have 44 points.

Source: IOMTT; Photo: © 2013 Richard Mushet / Mushet Photo – All Rights Reserved