Max Biaggi Has NOT Signed with Aprilia…Yet

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Despite what you may be reading on the interwebernetz this morning, Max Biaggi has yet to renew his contract with Aprilia. Early reports are claiming that Biaggi has signed a two-year, €1 million/year contract with Aprilia that includes bonuses (likely performance based); however confirmation from the company says that’s not the case.

Aprilia, who is keen on giving Biaggi a pay cut next year, is close to winning its first WSBK title with the 39-year-old Italian at the helm. Meanwhile Biaggi is likely holding out for a pay increase, which is understandable since he’s been an unstoppable force this season.

While we expect Aprilia to re-sign Biaggi for at least the 2011 season, we can’t say the team/rider combination will have the same affect next year. The SBK Commission has gotten wise to Aprilia’s racing reciepe, and has closed the loophole that has allowed Aprilia to use gear-driven cams in its RSV4 Factory race bike. Those cams are reportedly good for an additional 3-5hp throughout the rev range, and have made a noticeable improvement in the RSV4’s performance on the track.

Expect to hear news of Biaggi officially signing with Aprilia in the future…just not today.