Mavizen TTX02 An Electric KTM RC8? [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: You have to love Photoshop…it looks like the good folks at Mavizen forgot to whipe the original photo thumbnail, click here for an unblurred (albeit small) picture of the new TTX02 that confirms its RC8 lineage.

UPDATE #2: The Mavizen TTX02 has been officially unveiled here.

In one week’s time, Mavizen (a product of Team Agni’s TTXGP race-winning electric motorcycle team) will release what they call the world’s first production electric racing superbike, the TTX02. With a teaser image hitting the TTXGP website today, speculation is already swirling around the company, its bike, and its RC8 look-alike chassis.

With Mavizen earlier stating that its chassis was sourced from a major motorcycle manufacturer, it seems clear now who got the nod. With only a handful of company’s using trellis frames in their design, this photo leaves speculation down to really only Ducati and KTM. After a little searching, we have what appears to be an RC8 frame and swingarm packaged around a two-motor powerplant developed by Agni Motors.

Mavizen hopes to sell this racing platform to teams who wish to compete in the upcoming eGrand-Prix series. The bike will be offered as a turn-key racer, with a TTXGP winning pedigree. From the press release:

“The Mavizen TTX02, gives potential participants a chance to acquire a bike that they can develop themselves to make it competitive and unique to them. Racing is brutal but at least with the Mavizen TTX02, the racers can start with a proven platform.”

The press release goes on to sat that the Mavizen TTX02 is the first factory production vehicle to be delivered with a dedicated IP access and connectivity to the network…whatever the hell that means. Interested buyers can sign-up now for one of the 50 units that will be produced and delivered in Q1 of 2010.

Source: eGrand-Prix; Photoshop: Jensen Beeler