Ahead of the Japanese GP at Motegi, Team San Carlo Honda Gresini has announced the re-signing of Marco Simoncelli to the satellite Honda team, with SuperSic once again riding on a factory Honda motorcycle. Hoping that the factory Honda RC213V will yield even more positive results for Simoncelli, HRC has thus also renewed their support for the Italian rider, who will join Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa as confirmed factory riders for 2012.

With HRC stating all silly season it would have only three factory riders, two in Repsol Honda, for 2012, this announcement is just as much about Marco Simoncelli as it is about Andrea Dovizioso. Though Dovi has beaten Sic on paper all year long, it would seem the other Italian Honda rider will end up in a satellite squad, either with Tech3 (Team Boss Hervé Poncharal has hinted at Dovi being his #1 choice) or LCR Honda. An announcement on Dovizioso’s 2012 plans outside of a factory HRC contract is expected at Motegi as well.

“To be wearing the colours of Team San Carlo Honda Gresini for another year and riding a Honda RC213V gives me a lot of satisfaction,” stated Marco Simoncelli. “To be kept on as part of project that Honda HRC are so supportive of in collaboration with Team San Carlo Honda Gresini gives me a lot of confidence and all the motivation I need to show that I can be amongst the best in MotoGP again. 2012 will be an important season for me and I want to give all those people who have believed in this project plenty to get excited about.”

“I am really happy to announce that Marco will be back with Team San Carlo Honda Gresini in 2012,” said Fausto Gresini. “Over the past two years together we have been able to appreciate Marco’s qualities as a rider, as a man and as an extroverted communicator, which made us keen to continue our collaboration. Obviously in order to make this possible we needed a lot of effort from our sponsors, who have shown such belief in this project and I am grateful to them.” ”

“HRC are going to offer a general level of support that will be very important as well as making a factory RC213V factory available to Marco,” Gresini continued. “All this gives us great pride and is a testament to the close relationship we have built with the Japanese factory over fifteen fruitful years of partnership. Marco’s huge determination will give us all a lot of motivation ahead of what promises to be an exciting new season.”

Source: Team San Carlo Honda Gresini

  • Halfie 30

    Poor Dovi… Hope he gets a good ride. All the silliness this season has over shadowed his performance.

  • Rexr

    Dovi should give Honda the middle finger……….he’s ahead of sideshow bob (58) in the championship and 3rd overall in the championship what else do Honda need…??? if I was him I’d go to Tech 3 Yamaha……

  • 76

    Hell Yeah!, suck it Dovi…. Enjoy your CRT bike

  • SBPilot

    It’s about Potential, Simocelli has much higher potential than Dovi right now, Dovi had his chance. 3 years on the factory team, a winning bike (ala Pedrosa and Stoner) yet he never reaches the top step.
    I dont’ think Pedrosa deserves that Repsol bike either, make way for Marquez please.

    Dovi should not sign with LCR, it’s a ploy for HRC to get more manufacture points with him (next year) as he’s so consistent and a good second tier runner. He’s got no future with HRC anymore, he’s been at the top, there is no where else to go. Dovi should either go CRT or Yamaha, or if he really wants a challenge, Ducati.

  • Bob

    I remember a recent article about the cost of leasing these GP bikes. It seems the seamless shift tranny costs extra to purchase, to the tune of 600-700k Euros. I wonder if the satellite teams are going to spring for this. I think this really helped the times, not just by shortening the shifts themselves, but by it not upsetting the chassis while shifting while cornering on entry or exit.

  • I think the price is closer to one million euros, but yeah the seamless shifting gearbox will cost teams a pretty penny.

  • Westward

    The best thing that can happen to Dovi, is factory support at Tech3. Simoncelli does have more potential, whereas with Dovi you virtually know what you are going to get… He should not do any favors for HRC, as they are not diplaying confidence in him to support him, like Simoncelli on a satellite team.
    If Yamaha wants to compete fairly, they need to have as many factory machines on the grid as HRC. Because the pilots they have are alien and potential enough to be one…