Melandri Dislocates Shoulder – Out for Dutch TT

06/25/2010 @ 2:27 pm, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

Injuries continue to plague MotoGP, and the starting grid at Assen will feature only 15 riders as Marco Melandri dislocated his shoulder during today’s early morning practice session (FP2). Melandri was going through the revised Ruskenhoek corner, and found himself overshooting the corner, as he negotiated the narrow run-off, his rear tire went from the slippery grass surface to the tarmac. Catching immediate traction, the Gresini Honda catapulted Melandri, who landed on his shoulder, which became dislocated.

“Unfortunately I lost the rear on the grass and when I got back onto the tarmac it gripped and threw me into the air. I knew straight away that my shoulder was out… now I have to look ahead to hopefully having a good race at Barcelona,” said the Italian rider. Marco Melandri will sit out the Dutch TT, but is expected to return to MotoGP’s next stop at Barcelona for the Catalan GP.

Barring more injuries at Assen, MotoGP will return to 16 riders at Barcelona as Wataru Yoshikawa joins the MotoGP field, riding Valentino Rossi’s Fiat-Yamaha YZR-M1 from the Catalan GP and on.

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  • BRose

    There would be a way to fix this; it would cost a lot of money but you could have active suspension on the bike so that it would detect a high-side and move the shock to help minimize they dynamics of a high side. Anything that could be translated to road bike improvements in performance and safety should be allowed to be developed, including a KERS system for bikes. I still miss seeing these over-powered bikes being raced with no electrics..but I guess those days are gone forever. They should have a “seniors” class of these bikes to allow the old school guys to show the world how its done with only your wrist as the traction control, wheelie control, wheel overspeed control; anti-lock braking control..etc. Sorry, but power sliding is still what most want to see.

  • Grimmy

    Yup, I would have to agree. Also more than 15 riders on the grid. I enjoy watching Rossi and the rest racing, but I enjoy the World Super Bikes more.