Grand Prix Racer – A Documentary on the Manx GP

01/29/2013 @ 1:42 pm, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS


If you haven’t seen TT3D: Closer to the Edge, the documentary about the Isle of Man TT, then you owe it to yourself to beg, borrow, or steal a copy for your viewing pleasure (we enjoyed it greatly at our viewing at the Isle of Man). A follow-up to that venerable film (no, not this), from the Isle of Man comes Grand Prix Racer, a documentary that covers that other race over the Snaefell Mountain Course: the Manx Grand Prix.

Originally a race for amateurs that was designed to help introduce them to the TT, the Manx GP runs on the same 37 mile course as the TT and uses the same time trial format. Building its regulations to cater to older machinery, the Manx Grand Prix has just recently gone through a brand and format restructuring to make it more of a “Classic TT” event, helping differentiate the autumn race from its summer counterpart.

The restructuring is surely due to the hope by the Isle of Man government to make the Manx Grand Prix as much of a headline and destination event for motorcycle enthusiasts as the TT, and to aid in that effort the island nation has, followed-up the progress made by TT3D by producing Grand Prix Racer.

With a one-hour version of the film set to air on Britain’s ITV4 network on Tuesday, February 5th at 8pm, the film will also be made available to international broadcasters (cross your fingers America). A DVD of the film will be available March 4th. Check the trailer out after the jump.

Source: Manx Grand Prix

  • Gutterslob

    They should get Sir David Attenborough to narrate one of these documentaries. Riding the Isle is as naturalist as it gets, so I’m sure he’d agree.

    I do worry about the future of the Manx GP, though. It used to be an avenue for amateur riders to gain entry into the TT, but now that they (the banks, mainly) have converted it into a classics only even, I wonder what aspiring riders will have to do to.

  • SCBonneville

    It would be nice if TT 3D Closer to the Edge and this documentary were available in NTSC format Blu Ray/DVD’s so that we fans on “this side of the pond” could (easily) enjoy them…