Redux: This is How You Thank Your Sponsors

12/15/2012 @ 6:01 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Those crazy Frenchmen at Luc1 Motorsport are back with another rolling tutorial on how race team’s should thank their sponsors. Perhaps not as robust as last year’s video, if you’re a fan of supermoto, or just generally a two-wheel hooligan, you’ll want to enjoy the clip after the jump. Be good, do wheelies, and wear gear. Thanks for the tip Gigi!

Source: Luc1 Motorsport (YouTube)

  • ah seng

    nice! can any one tell me what bike is that and how many CC it is?

  • It’s a Honda CRF450R, 450cc.

  • Gutterslob

    Good stuff. Prefer this over the previous one they did. Much thanks for sharing.

    That CRF looks sweet!! Lots of porn bits on it.
    I need to move to a French countryside town, or any countryside town, as long as competition supermotos are road legal!!

  • Domenick

    Yeah, I liked this one better than last year’s also.

    That bit where he goes off the road, climbs the hill a bit and jumps back onto the asphalt is something I’ve always wanted to try (but wouldn’t, because I don’t have the skillz).

  • Dang. That was absolutely sweet! Lots of giggles and grins watching that.

    Wheelies rock! lol