The news is a bit obvious, but Lin Jarvis, the Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing, has confirmed that the factory MotoGP squad intends to retain the services of Jorge Lorenzo, and bring Ben Spies into the squad for the 2011 season.

The news comes on the heels of Valentino Rossi’s decision to move to Ducati for next season, and has been assumed to be a done deal once Rossi’s announcement was made public. This is however the first time that anyone at Yamaha has spoken about the team structure for next year in such a direct tone, likely because of the need to keep Rossi’s departure under wraps.

Jarvis had said earlier in the year that only riders who will be with the squad in 2011 would get a chance to ride the 2011 prototype bike during MotoGP’s testing session at Brno, which was held yesterday. Accordingly, we saw both Lorenzo and Spies taking to the carbon-clad bike, while Rossi was only allowed to test the 2010 YZR-M1 with an updated engine.

It’s not certain when Yamaha will officially announce its factory squad, but the word “soon” is used repeatedly in conjunction with that announcement. Given that the next GP stop is at Indianapolis in two weeks, and that the race is a home event for Ben Spies, it’s likely we’ll here confirmation of Lorenzo and Spies there, but nothing is for certain.

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  • Rob

    Yet another opportunity of a lifetime for Ben Spies. Hope he does well with the factory bike. It would be amazing to see him kick Lorentho’s ass

  • Rob

    Yet another opportunity of a lifetime for Ben Spies. Hope he does well with the factory bike. It would be amazing to see him kick Lorentho’s ass

  • Ken


    SpEEz 2011!! I have a great feeling for next year!

    maybe ill buy an r1 in celebration! haha

    but seriously, this IS another great opportunity for him and you know hes gonna take it super seriously because he is hard working and demands a lot from the bike/team so i can only see great things for him next year.

    Also with Rossi as Hayden’s new teammate, im hoping good things for him as well. between the two they can hopefully figure out that Desmosedici and it can be enough to get hayden over the hump and on to the podium more often. he deserves it!

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  • Doctor Jelly

    Spies/Czysz 2012, yeeeaaahhhh!!!

    I just wanted to join the excitement…

  • jamesy

    Was Ben on “Factory” equipment at BRNO? Perhaps a backup bike to Rossi with changed livery? His result in qualifying and the race made me think so. And 4th was a very credible finish given that there were 3 world Champions in front of him and 2 others BEHIND! (uyes, I am conceding the title to Lorenzo)

  • jamesy

    AND to those who may think Lorenzo is a fluke and will get his butt kicked next year by Ben… there’s this swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell you. Not saying Ben wont have him covered at some track next season but it wont be a habitual thing.
    Although he may not be Rossi, Jorge IS the other most physically talented and mentally strong rider on the grid as of now. That BRNO race broke Pedroopsa and sealed the title and was a masterful ride in all respects even though the race was a yawn after about 10 minutes. He has truly come of age gentlemen.