Bonneville: Lightning Motorcycles Sets a New Land Speed Record for Electric Motorcycles

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News from the salt flats is that Lightning Motorcycles was successful in achieving a land speed record for electric motorcycles. Making a pass of 206.981 mph during Sunday’s sessions, the speed averaged from Saturday’s pass of 205.238 mph creates a land speed record of 206.079 mph for electric motorcycles (class APS-?). As a capper to the weekend, the Lightning team posted a top speed of 208.386 mph through the speed trap on its record run, showing that the “Flying Banana Mk. II” (as we like to call it) had a bit more pep left in it during its run.

Riding the bike for Lightning was Race-Tech’s Paul Thede, a veteran of the salt in his own right. Thede’s 200+ mph passes meant his induction into Bonneville’s 200 MPH Club. One of only 65 motorcycles inductees ever to set a record over the 200 mark, Thede was the first to do so on an electric motorcycle. Congratulations to the Lightning Motorcycles team for this outstanding accomplishment!

Of note in the gallery below, you’ll see that Paul Thede is honoring the 200 MPH Club tradition of wearing the club’s red hat for 24 hours after receiving the honor. We don’t think the earplugs are part of the tradition, but likely just as important that evening.

Source: Lightning Motorcycles