Haslam Looks for More Support from Suzuki Japan

07/01/2010 @ 8:57 am, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

Trailing in the World Superbike Championship standings by 37 points, Leon Haslam has called on Suzuki Japan to lend him more support if they want to contend with Max Biaggi and Aprilia for the WSBK title. Losing the World Superbike lead at Miller Motorsports Park, Haslam and Suzuki have found the Aprilia of Biaggi slowly out-classing them at races.

Orginially favorited to win WSBK this year, Haslam says that unless Suzuki allocates more resources to his racing effort, the Japanese manufacturer will miss a golden opportunity to win a World Championship title, which is code for “Hey Suzuki, satellite bikes are beating your factory MotoGP team”.

Not all factory teams are made equally, as Haslam points out from his team’s hard work in honing in the 2010 Suzuki GSX-1000R. “We do all our own development work and it’s because of all the hard work, that we are competitive. If Suzuki Japan wanted to give us some more help, it would be much appreciated and it would be a great benefit to us all.” said Haslam.

After showing a very strong testing session at Imola this week, Haslam is showing that Alstare still has some game in the fight. However, help from Japan could give the WSBK Champion hopefuls the extra kick in the pants they need in order to surpass the impressive racing effort from WSBK semi-newbies Aprilia.

With MotoGP being the larger expense in Suzuki’s racing budget, it would seem that Haslam’s plea focuses on a more pragmatic and results-oriented perspective. If you were Suzuki, which team would you back?

Source: Crash.net; Photo: Alstare Suzuki

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  • Jaybond

    Seams like Suzuki Japan puts more priority on its MotoGP efforts, just like the other Japanese manufacturers. But unlike the others, Suzuki had a rather less stellar and lacklustre 4 stroke MotoGP campaign for the past 7 years or so, having achieved just 1 win, and the very rare podium finishes. And it seems getting worse from day to day. It will be just plain stupid for their management, not to realize which racing activity that had given more reward. My advice to Suzuki is just put one rider team next year, if they still want to maintain it’s presence in MotoGP. Give more of the resources to the WSBK team.

  • Ciaran

    Suzuki seem to have their priorities screwed up.

    Paying more for a mediocre product vs not paying much to see someone just miss out for a world title in a major class that clearly showcases what the factories have to offer to the consumer.