Lambretta Returns to 125GP Racing for 2010

02/01/2010 @ 6:06 am, by Jensen Beeler26 COMMENTS

After a 60 year hiatus, Lambretta is finally returning back to the 125GP racing stage. Entering as Lambretta Reparto Corse, the team has already confirmed Marco Ravaioli as one of their two riders. The move seems to be primarily to help get the iconic Italian brand back into the public limelight as Lambretta is set to start production of its first new range of scooters since the 1970’s.

According to Lambretta, the team will hold a racing department in Bologna at the workshops of Engines Engineering, despite Lambretta being based out of Milan. Nicola Casadei will serve as the team’s Sporting Director, while Giancarlo Cecchini will develop the bike’s rotary valve engine, which is expected to show up in new Lambretta designs.

“It’s is a wonderful day for Lambretta and one we’ve been working towards for nearly two years. We’re delighted to be back on the racetrack and to compete in such an exciting and expanding sport. It’ll be fun to compete with the big boys and see what happens,” said the brand’s Marketing Director John Scully.

“We’ve been talking to Engines Engineering for quite a long time about this and it’s pretty much a joint project at the moment, which we own. We see it as potentially a way for our technical director and all our technical people to develop innovations for our on-road products. Lambretta has an Italian heritage and we’re very keen to maintain that at the centre of everything that we do. We want authenticity and that’s the reason we started talking to Engines Engineering in terms of MotoGP. They have a great reputation and are a great engineering company, and very importantly for us they are Italian,” Scully continued.

While we don’t follow 125GP that closely here on Asphalt & Rubber, we’re excited to see what the team can do in the field, and what sort of life it can breath into this great Italian company.

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  • Eric Grobb

    Lambretta is not returning to 125GP racing because they were never there. They announced a 125 racing bike in 1949 and even showed a prototype but it didn’t go anywhere. From 1951-53 they had a 250cc V-twin racing bike but it was a flop and didn’t made it to a world championship event, although it did race several times, plagued by mechanical failures. The last serious event it participated in was the non-championship Grand Prix of Locarno in 1952, but both the entries did not finish.
    This is really just one of the organisations that now calls itself Lambretta sponsoring what last year was the Loncin Chinese-backed racing team – with what looks like the same hardware.
    The “great Italian company” that was behind the Lambretta – Innocenti of Milan, disappeared long ago and stopped making two-wheeled products in the early seventies.

  • Eric

    Great answer mate!
    Thanks for the info!

    I drove a Lambretta and it indeed showed me it had no succesfull racing history running through its veins :-).

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  • Barry Glading

    One hopes they persevere longer than the fiasco last year. And does Witteveen still have a place in the development team?
    I suspect they’ll be persistent non-qualifiers or back markers this year again.
    I presume Lambretta is a competitor to Aprilia (Piaggio) and Derbi(Piaggio) so they can’t go the rebadged Aprilia route.
    Rotsa ruck, you brave fellows.

  • Jan Thiel

    Witteveen did not work for Loncin, he worked for the even worse Haojue!
    The ‘Lambretta’ was first called Malaguti, then Loncin, however they were
    always among the last and slowest, and many times among the first to
    break down.
    There is no hope at all to do better in 2010!

  • Peter

    I believe Romolo Ferri was entered in the 1951 Hockenhiem race on a 125cc Bitubo racing Lambretta. So it could be claimed Lambretta is returning to 125cc racing but whether these new 125cc could be called Lambretta is questionable


  • Jan Thiel

    First race: both retired in the first 2 laps.
    As expected!

  • Peter

    I suppose it is better than the 1951 Isle of Man TT when all 3 Lambretta entries failed to show!!

  • Jan Thiel

    failing to show at least saves some money!

  • Jan Thiel

    Le Mans: Same failure again, slow, unreliable, no progress at all.
    Aprilia winnig hands down without developing their bikes for the last 2 years!
    Shame on Lambretta!

  • Jan Thiel

    Now that Dorna is making special regulations for Suzuki, why not do the same for Lambretta?
    Let them start a minute ahead of the others and give them double pionts!

  • Jan Thiel

    Now the sponsor finally understands the uselessnes of this project and pulls the plug

  • Two words guys,Danny Kent.

  • Ok maybe two more,Harald Bartol.

  • Jan Thiel

    still 16 km short on topspeed! and 5.75 sec. on laptime
    Kent seems to be an excellent rider
    If Bartol works for this team his main attention should
    be to getting paid as this is not one of this teams good habits!

  • Jan Thiel

    big improvement at Philips Island:
    last, and one lap behind!

  • Jan Thiel

    slowest of them all!

  • Jan Thiel

    Dear Harald,
    If you decide to work for this team, always keep your hand on your wallet!
    And take care always to be paid in advance!

  • Rumour has it Bartol is working in the background,second rumour is the team may be under the Bartol name next year.Could be an all out assault on the fnal 125 two stroke title as it ends next year to be replaced by four stroke singles. Either way Danny Kent is just a little bit special and worth keeping an eye on.

  • Jan Thiel

    Valencia: again no bike at the finish.
    totally unreliable and slow!
    Kent is a good rider.
    hope he finds a better bike for next year!

  • Jan Thiel

    Kent has already found a better bike for next year!
    Does Lambretta want to be ridiculous one more year?

  • Jan Thiel

    Yet another name chance coming?

  • Jan Thiel

    So now the once Malaguti, once Loncin and once Lambretta named shitheap will now be called Mahindra?

  • CarlosD

    Jan Thiel is one of the biggest two strokes technicians in 60’s-70’s-80’s decades. Your Jamathi was one of fastest 50 cc in this times in front of Derbi and Kreidler factorys; an then won de World Champ with Bultaco’s, Minarelli’s and Garelli’s in 125 cc; all bikes are made with his brain and hands allways toghether with his friend and briliant works mechanic Martin Mijwaert. Why not Mahindra takes Jan Thiel for another World Champ 125 in 2011?… is the last FIM-WCH two strokes and I’m sure Jan likes theese las title is your pocket for the history… ¿not realy Jan?