Twelve Entries for the FIM/TTXGP Round at Laguna Seca

07/21/2011 @ 10:24 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

After seeing a flop of a round at Infineon earlier this year with four, then three entries racing on the two race days, it would seem that some good has come from the FIM and TTXGP playing nice with each other, as twelve entries have been listed for the upcoming electric motorcycle race. Poised to be perhaps the best e-moto race to date, we have virtually all the major players in the electric motorcycle production, technology, and racing gig as entrants for the event (noticeably absent are Zero Motorycles and the “banned” Chip Yates).

Other notable notations include Lightning fielding two bikes, one in each TTXGP class, as well as eCRP entering two bikes in the open class. It also looks like Michael Czysz will be once again riding again on-board his 2011 MotoCzysz E1pc, personally defending his victory at last year’s Laguna Seca gathering. Find all twelve entries for the FIM/TTXGP round listed after the jump.

No. Rider Country Motorcycle Team Class
7 Marcellino Manzano Spain LGN Racing LGN Racing Team Open
11 Michael Czysz USA MotoCzysz E1pc MotoCzysz Open
17 Steve Rapp USA Mission R Mission Motors Open
18 Ely Schless USA Proto Moto Pro Moto Racing TTX75
37 Thad Wolff USA Moto Electra Moto Electra Open
48 Alessandro Brannetti Italy eCRP 1.4 CRP Racing Open
49 Matthias Himmelmann Germany Münch TTE Münch Racing Team Open
58 Steve Atlas USA Brammo Empulse Brammo Racing Open
80 Michael Barnes USA Lightning Lightning Motorcycles Open
88 Michael Hannas USA Lightning Lightning Motorcycles TTX75
96 Kenyon Kluge USA Zero S K Squared Racing TTX75
93 Shelina Moreda USA eCRP 1.4 CRP Racing Open

Source: FIM

  • Eric

    Does someone know if it is broadcasted on tv or if it will be streamed?

  • Dr. Gellar

    Too bad neither Amarok and Zongshen are not listed as potential entries. That would have put almost as many e-bikes (Zongshen ran at the Spa Francorchamps round of TTXGP as a two bike team) on the grid as MotoGP machines. Nonetheless, I’m fairly excited about this grid… :-)

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  • MTGR

    Why is Yates banned? Too much personal ingenuity or too much performance?

  • Dr. Gellar


    Technically, it’s because of the new weight limits (maximum weight specifically, which to me is pretty silly) TTXGP and e-Power set for this season. But in reality…I would say too much performance.

  • @MTGR Too much weight I believe. I think the max is 500lbs.

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