KTM Commences Moto3 Racing Program

12/10/2010 @ 8:12 pm, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

With the demise of 125GP coming down the pipe, it comes as no surprise today that we learn that KTM has begun working on a Moto3 racing program. According to GPOne, work began on the project a few weeks ago, and is still in the early stages of its design. With all the 250cc MX, enduro, and supermoto four-stroke singles in KTM’s arsenal, the Austrian company has a surfeit of experience in making potent small displacement machines, and could be an early favorite in the 2012 opening season. The news also balances out well with the recent confirmation that KTM is working on a 250cc+ version of its KTM 125 Duke, which is destined for the American market in the next 18 months or so.

Moto3 could mean a big return for KTM in GP racing, after seeing the 250GP shutdown this year, and its presence in the 2010 125GP class dwindling down to just one bike. This news also fits well with the Austrian company’s continued acquisition by Bajaj, whose influence has seen KTM lately focusing intensely on its small displacement four-stroke machines.

Recently unveiling the KTM 125 Duke at Intermot, the new entry-level machine was heavily influenced and designed by Bajaj, and will be manufactured in the company’s Indian facility. With India rumored to be getting a MotoGP venue in the coming years, all the pieces are beginning to line-up in KTM and Bajaj’s favor.

Source: GPOne

  • Ceolwulf

    ah good, I was hoping this would happen :)

  • irksome

    As much as I love my Speed Triple and all the other large-displacement multi-cylinder bikes I’ve owned over the years, I’ve never had as much fun as when I was thumping around the streets of Boston on my first street bike, a used Yamaha SR 500. I built the snot out of that little single; Wiseco piston, bigger carb, White Bros. exhaust, SuperTrapp, old clubman bars, I made some rear-sets for it, tweaked the suspension. And it went like stink. At least in the city…

    There’s nothing like the sound of a barely-restricted single. I wish this class the best of luck and I hope they show some of the races on Speed.

  • BikePilot

    Cool! KTM’s 250F MX’er makes exceptional peak power and should be a great starting point for a road-race engine.