First Look: KTM Moto3 Race Bike

10/06/2011 @ 6:52 am, by Jensen Beeler34 COMMENTS

KTM has finally given us a glimpse into its Moto3 class race bike, showing renders of the bike to journalists assembled at the company’s Hangar 7 press event. The Austrian company also officially showed its Moto3 race motor, and for those expecting to see a repurposed SX motor for the 250cc four-stroke Grand Prix racing series, abolish that thought. For the inaugural 2012 racing season for GP racing’s entry-level series, the Austrian company has started from scratch when approaching its Moto3 development.

Developing its own Moto3 chassis in house, KTM must adhere to the Moto3 class rules that state the company must make the 250cc motor available to other chassis manufacturers and teams as well, with a retail price of €12,000. As such, popular Moto2 chassis builder Kalex Engineering will be making its own Moto3 race bike, featuring the KTM single-cylinder motor.

Weighing only 25kg (55 lbs), KTM’s new Moto3 motor is certainly light, though we’ll have to wait and see on the track how potent it is, and who can build the better chassis for it. It’s expected that the Moto3 race bike will give way to a street-going production version (rumored to be in the 350cc displacement range), and if these renders give any idea of how that bike will look, we’re very excited indeed about that prospect.

KTM Moto3 Race Bike Renders:

KTM Moto3 Motor:

Source: KTM; Photos: Buenos Dias / KTM

  • doug

    Build it for the street, build it for the street, build it for the street…..

  • Keith

    oh sweet bejebusessss….put some lights on it, hobbs clock, throw in a pair of rebuild kits with the price and it’s perfect for the street. Then again I’ve got lolo pass and several other perfect roads within lunch time distance. track days are for chickens.

  • BBQdog

    Agree with the comments above, please make a street version, would love it !!

  • keluar untuk street production best jugak..

  • BBQdog

    And what is that extra layer between cilinder and engine ???

  • tedman

    confused by the front wheel… would love one in the garage though

  • Westward

    Well count me chicken, cause that is exactly what I would use it for… I hope the new Ducati monster is similar, in that it too is a 350cc bike that one can easily convert for track use…

    The Ducati I ride now is my weapon of choice, and would not want to risk in on a track with all the added exuberance and passion to smoke everyone else like a heroin fiend…

  • fazer6


  • The front wheel looks similar to a Roto Box wheel.

  • BBQdog

    Hmm, that ‘extra layer’ in fact is the cilinder (stupid of me) , but that seems very short compared to other KTM engines …..

  • MikeD

    BBQdog says:
    October 6, 2011 at 9:40 AMHmm, that ‘extra layer’ in fact is the cilinder (stupid of me) , but that seems very short compared to other KTM engines …..

    Your eyes are lying to u. The stroke is short, no doubts…but the sleeve is actually longer than that and part of it resides inside the cases too.

    And on a side note: WTF is up with that front wheel ?! Is there some black voodoo science into its form that follows function that my eyes and brain “can’t get it” ?

  • MikeD

    Is Moto 3 limited to single cylinder engines ? AAwhh Man….that blows. I would like to see baby I-4, V-4, I-3 making 40hp with 18k rpm redlines…so much for prototype racing.

    I guess it could be worse like THE HONDA CUP (Moto 2).

    Im loving that Orange Trellis.

    I would swing a 350-500cc street version of this little jewel. Make it a single (easier to work on ? and more streetable ?)… (^_^ )

  • BBQdog

    @MikeD ” but the sleeve is actually longer than that and part of it resides inside the cases too.”

    Yes, I know, but even then it is shorter then standard KTM engines.

    “Is Moto 3 limited to single cylinder engines”

    The Moto3 ‘reglement’ is interesting to read and set up to make and keep this class
    affordable and compatetive. So no expensive Honda engines revving 22.000+ rpm

  • BBQdog
  • Dr. Gellar

    I think the front wheel is some new type of hollow spoke carbon fiber design. Perhaps they are even lighter than standard carbon fiber wheels (???). I remember seeing an R1 endurance racer I believe with them on it.

  • Dr. Gellar

    OK…I could be wrong about the hollow spokes. But here is a link to the manufacturer…they are called Rotobox.

  • Motoputs

    They are hollow spokes, I have seen the wheels in person. They had a booth at Laguna Seca during MotoGP

  • Dr. Gellar

    Thanks Motoputs…indeed they are. I’m curious to see if these start showing up on more roadracing bikes in the near future.

  • MikeD

    I see what they’re trying to do here but…u know…the minute everyone is running the same hardware IT STARTS TO STINK LIKE NASCAR TO ME.

    Just wanted to put that out there…LOL.

  • MikeD

    Oh…and thank u guys for the wheel info…i must say im not fond of its looks but if it works better than traditional design carbon wheels then u can’t go wrong.

    Function over form…hell yeah.

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  • MikeD

    I took the time to read some of the rules that apply to Moto3.

    One of them: Only Magnesium and Aluminium Alloys WHEELS.

    So yeah, no fancy Carbon Wheel for KTM or anyone else for that matter.

    Probably they’ll be using the same type and style as the back wheel…i think.

  • Dr. Gellar

    @ MikeD

    I finally caught that too about the wheel regulations…that sucks. Myself…I kinda like the look. It is different, that’s for sure…but it’s growing on me.

  • Bjorn

    I like Moto3 compared to Moto 2. It has room for all manufacturers and works on a similar principle to the old 2 stroke classes. A cylinder size the same as that of the premier class is a splendid thing, as a new manufacturer can develop their engine from a single to a multi in stages while utilising the smaller engine’s development at every level.
    Now they just need to dump the Honda Cup and introduce 500cc twins with a maximum bore of 81mm from any manufacturer.

    Is there a bore restriction on the 1000s next year?

  • MikeD


    I think is the same “dimensions” like Moto3, just add more cylinders.

  • BBQdog

    Desmo is allowed, so Ducati, why not make a nice 250c ???

  • One of the least aerodynamical parts of a motorcycle is the front wheel. This design simply looks like it’s trying to fix that problem, and I suspect in Moto3, as it was in 125GP, aero’s will pay a huge dividend for teams.

  • BBQdog

    Carbon wheels are not allowed, but it is not against regulations to stick some sort of circular ‘spoiler’ to the front wheel.

  • mxs

    Street version please now …. my wallet is slowly opening …. LOL

  • Bob

    I only have one beef with the rotobox wheels…you need to use more air.

    1. People often forget that pressurized air adds weight. These hollow spokes add more volume that must be filled. This is more unsprung mass.

    2. It also means that when a tire deforms against the pavement, creating a contact patch, the displaced air has more room to move to. What this means is that the tire carcass can deform more at the same psi than it would with an enclosed rim that has a smaller air volume, creating a situation where the carcass may become overstressed and possibly be prone to failure. To combat the excess deformation, you need to add a little more air and hence more unsprung weight. But this also means that since you are better controlling deformation when you hit a bump, the contact patch is smaller under smoother pavement conditions.

    3. Tire warmup will also be slower and it will be more difficult to keep heat in the tire. All racers know your traction sucks when you’re not running at the ideal tire temperature.

  • jackie

    If only they would make a street version. One can dream.

  • MikeD

    @ Bob:

    All good points. Now we just need some scientific testing to see if the pros outweight the cons or the other way around. Any one up to the task ? lol.

  • BBQdog

    Just seen the Honda Honda NSF250R in the flesh. Very nimble. Exhaust pipe is running from the
    back of the cilinder down to the left side of the engine downwards to the silencer.

  • The Honda is 28k at American Honda… hopefully KTM sells it for a more affordable price. Moto 3 is limited to single cylinder motors and a RPM cap… Does that mean Aprilia has to build a new motor since the have V2 in their dirt bikes??