Video: Kevin Schwantz – A World Champion

05/11/2012 @ 4:43 pm, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS

Back in 1993 when grids were full, sponsors were smokey, and Americans dominated the sport, Kevin Schwantz was king. Riding on the Suzuki RGV500, Schwantz had to battle with a slew of 500GP legends in order to win his first World Championship — namely rival Wayne Rainey.

Deliciously 1990’s, the video is a bit hokey at times with its montages and questionable fashion choices, though it speaks to important issues currently being faced in MotoGP — namely the use of electronics.

Go ahead end the work-week an hour early, these four 15 minute segments are well worth watching, and show how far along Grand Prix motorcycle racing has, or hasn’t, come in roughly 20 years.

Source: Motorsport Retro; Photo: © 2012 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • They are worth watching.

    I remember the 1993 season well. I got to meet Kevin before the start of the season and got him to sign a poster I had of him. I remember Doohan taking out the Suzuki’s of Schwantz & Barros, the pain of watching Rainey crash and breaking his back and finally seeing Kevin take a championship.

    Even though I watched every race, I didn’t pick up on the rivalry between Kevin & Wayne, and even after watching those videos I still didn’t see it. I was only after watching “Faster” I found out how much they didn’t get along.

    I still sit up and watch every race, but I don’t yell at the TV half as much these days compared to back then when most of the racing was really close and exciting.

  • The sad thing was is that the Misano crash ended both Rainey’s and Schwantz’s careers. If memory serves me well he raced the ’94 season and then only raced a couple of times in ’95 but his heart wasn’t in it and he retired