Who is the Smartest MotoGP Racer in the Paddock?

08/28/2012 @ 10:05 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

This season has been a forgetable one for Karel Abraham on the race track, but the we reckon it will be a year that the young Czech rider will remember. In a couple weeks, Karel Abraham will graduate from law school (Bachelors level), having passed his exiting exams just a few days after the conclusion of the Czech GP. Studying even during the race-weekend, Abraham says that his academic duties helped provide a distraction from the pressures of his home round.

For those who remember our sit-down interview with the Cardion AB rider, the news of Karel’s studying of the law shouldn’t be any new information. We imagine the skills he has learned in the classroom will help Abraham with next year’s contract negotiations, as there is high-degree of uncertainty surrounding Cardion AB’s plans for the 2013 MotoGP Championship. As someone who is using a law degree in a non-traditional capacity, I wish Karel the best in his future endeavors — on and off the track.

“For me, the race weekend has only just finished. I was studying every day – even during the Grand Prix itself,” said Karel Abraham. “Paradoxically, I think it helped me get rid of some of the stress associated with the race, because I had something completely different to worry about. Now I’m glad to have them both behind me, and that they both worked out OK.”

“As far as I know, Roberto Rolfo from Moto2 studied literature at uni in Turin, but although [while] most of the lads from MotoGP have got what it takes to study at that level, they’ve decided to invest all their time into their racing careers” explained Abraham. “I would like to continue at Master’s course.”

In other news, Karel’s girlfriend Nikola finished her final exams in Economics just few months before Karel.

Source: Cardion AB; Photo: © 2012 Jules Cisek / Popmonkey – All Rights Reserved

  • Dan

    It would be nice to see him challenging for a podium. He’s obviously talented, family money or not.

  • Personally, I’d like to see him on a MotoGP bike of some flavour next season, even if it’s a CRT. Having him on something that isn’t trying to throw him off at every corner would be a Good Thing.

  • I remember when Karel sat down with the commentators while recuperating from his injuries. He was very astute and gave some good insights during the race. I’d say he has a future in commentary if racing doesn’t work out.

  • Jmax

    Doesn’t sound like he’s cut out for motogp if he’s seeking refuge in a law degree… Imagine if he focused 100% on racing.

  • Damo

    When I was out at Laguna, Karel was one of the nicest and most patient riders I met. He stopped and talked to everyone that asked for a picture or and autograph.

    His English was perfect and seemed very down to earth, which is refreshing and respectable for the son of a billionaire.

  • His father owns the Brno racetrack. Maybe pops owns the university as well? Might come in handy getting a degree…


  • E

    You can’t just jump on a MotoGP bike and keep up just because a bike is giving to you! Some of the most talented riders in World Superbike don’t always work out in MotoGP, so he can ride a bike. Maybe a different bike, maybe this, maybe that? Look at Rossi? I rest my case! The point of the story is he is obviously talented, but can also have something to fall back on because of his hard work. His father is not a billionaire just by chance. Maybe some good business decisions were made?