After sewing up the AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike Championship, Monster Energy Graves Yamaha rider Josh Herrin is now headed to greener pastures, as the 23-year-old will make the trek across the pond, and join the Moto2 Championship for the 2014 season.

Announcing the move at the AMA awards banquet, Herrin was tight-lipped on who he would be racing for, but Asphalt & Rubber sources have confirmed that the American will be racing with Caterham Racing for the next two seasons. Replacing Herrin at Monster Energy Graves Yamaha is Cameron Beaubier, who will be Yamaha’s investment in the future, as he races alongside Josh Hayes.

Hotly tipped to be leaving the American superbike series since last month, Herrin was originally linked with a ride in the MarcVDS camp. Talks however fell through when MarcVDS reportedly required Herrin to bring sponsorship money with him to the Moto2 series, something the young American rider could not guarantee.

A bit of gamble itself, but flush with cash, Caterham Racing picked up where MarcVDS left off, helping the young American champion move out of the AMA Pro Racing series, where hopefully his career can continue to grow.

Herrin is the first rider to make the jump from the AMA to the Moto2 Championship, and if successful, the Californian could pave the way for other talented American road racers who are being left by the wayside in their national championship.

We wish Josh the best of luck in his move, and look forward to seeing him in the Grand Prix paddock.

Source: Bothan Spies; Photo: © 2013 Daniel Lo / Corner Speed Photo – All Rights Reserved

Note: Previously, this article incorrectly mentioned Mahindra Racing as Herrin’s new team in the Moto2 Championship. It has since been corrected.

  • Josh

    This is awesome news.. I wish we could get more american blood in MotoGP and maybe grow the popularity of road racing here in the USA since the AMA blows at it.

  • sbpilot

    This is good news in the broad sense, but I find Herrin overrated. Hayes is monumentally quicker than him on nearly every outing, and most of Herrin’s wins are when Hayes has technical issues.

    I’m not say Hayes should deserve the chance to move to GP, I’m saying that Herrin isn’t naturally fast enough to compete at the front in GP. His talent needs to have him walk away from the entire AMA field to be close to doing anything in GPs.

    This is just my opinion, I don’t think he will do well in Moto2. So many good riders get dropped mid season in Moto2 cause of lackluster performances. I would not be surprised if he ends up one of them.

  • Rob

    I’m not a Herrin fan at all, but I will be cheering my ass off for him in Moto2. Road racing in the US will only grow if more Americans compete in international championships. I don’t think Herrin is the fastest I’ve seen come from AMA, but he’s deadly consistent now and is probably Americas best hope at showing some talent.

    I’ve got to wonder if WorldSBK would’ve been a better path though….Moto2 seems pretty cut-throat with HUGE fields that only lead to a COMPLETELY spanish dominated/run organization that is MotoGP.


    Agreed that it’s great for American rider and the sport to have Herrin in Moto 2. Remember we also have PJ Jacobson riding for Suzuki Tyco in BSB and Corey Alexander is doing a few World Super Sport rides next month. UK and France I believe.

  • John

    Beaubier should be in Moto2, not Herrin….

  • GAC

    Tweaker won the championship?
    How did I miss that, Oh yeah no TV coverage at Laguna Seca!
    It took a gift from Josh.
    Good, get him out of here.
    He can join Marquez and crashing out people!

    We are finally safe from the tweaker

    Hey AMA, Try doubling the race schedule would you?
    Think of the racers and stop thinking about your wallets

  • Frank


    Agreed. Beaubier is the future. That kid is legit and needs to get out of the states NOW. That being said- I liked watching Herrin in Daytona supersport a couple years ago. He was exciting to watch. Not the runaway dominant performer in superbike that Hayes is, but it is clear that Hayes is not going to get a shot at MotoGP- not even WorldSBK. Is that fair-no, but it is what it is I’m afraid. I’m happy to cheer on another American in GP any day.

  • Ridiculous that Josh Hayes is “too old.” He’s shown that he’s fast as Hell.
    Yamaha should at least trow him a bone with another MotoGP Wildcard. It’s not as though anyone cares if he wins the AMA anyway.
    So few guys can ride at that level.

  • Cameron

    That is really awesome for Josh as we all just got the bad news about Laguna Seca. I wish you the best next year! Well deserved chance to fight with the moto2 guys.

  • Halfie30

    To say Herrin was consists t this year completely takes away from Hayes. Staring the season with two DNF’s and to still be in the points chase was quite a feat. Herrin was good on the 600’s, so maybe moto2 will suit him better. He just isn’t suited for SBK’s at his current level. He was NOT consistent this year in the fact that he made a lot of mistakes that he would the. Have to recover from just to stay on the podiums. While Hayes was lighting up every race he finished. I’m not really scan of either guy, but I can see this… Hopefully Herrin does a respectable job to keep interest in the American series.

  • Look where crutchlow is at the moment !! You never know