Video: Josh Herrin’s First Superbike Win

04/11/2013 @ 3:54 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS


Getting his first AMA Pro Superbike victory right-off-the-bat at Race 1 of the season-opener in Daytona, Josh Herrin got his 2013 season off to a solid start. A coming out party of sorts for the other Josh in the Monster Energy Graves Yamaha team, Herrin is showing himself to be a real talent in the AMA paddock, and at only 22-years-old, the Yamaha rider has quite the promising career ahead of him.

Our buddy John Shofner at Shofner Films got to follow Herrin around the Daytona paddock for the Daytona race weekend, and has produced an excellent video that captures Josh’s first win. We think you will enjoy it, and who knows, maybe we will get some more AMA Pro Superbike goodness on the site in the coming months. God knows the sport needs get productions like this one.

Source: Josh Herrin (YouTube)

  • Major Tom

    This is kind of sad. I last went to Daytona back when KR was riding and the fans came out in large numbers. It looked like no one was there. The whole “team” seemed more like a mom & pop kind of situation. Guess the AMA is either dead or dying.

    Nice video though…..

  • SBPilot

    Meh overrated rider, and yea, AMA seems just like a really expensive club series now. No one watches and no one really cares. Actually to have 3 MotoGP races in the states just makes less sense for people to watch AMA (live).

  • Chad27

    I want his Bell helmet!! sweeeeeeeeeeet

  • TB1098S

    Lovely vid, good on JH for logging his first AMA SBK win. It is a bit sad to see the state of today’s AMA series. I remember watching as a kid and seeing the likes of Chandler, Bostrom, Hayden, Mladin, et al putting on a show equal or superior to anything happening internationally. I haven’t watched more than a handful of AMA races since the early naughts. Series seems to be slipping further outside anyone’s awareness a little more every year.