World Champion.

09/23/2010 @ 9:32 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

Photo: Yamaha Racing

  • Don’t jinx him.

  • Steve Guanche

    Never, ever, count your chickens before they hatch. Lorenzo is poised and positioned to be the next world champion in MotoGP but one can only wait and see the result unfold and celebrate at the moment.

  • Lefty

    I’d expect nothing less than a calculated accumulation of points for the remainder from Jorge. I seriously doubt we’ll see him win another race but I’d put money on the WC.

  • gnmac

    Come on Pedrosa!!!!!

  • Prich

    Lorenzo is the only rider to make me root for Pedrosa. To be fair though, Lorenzo has shown maturity this season that he’s never had in the crash-or-win past.

  • This post has very little to do with Jorge Lorenzo actually winning the MotoGP Championship.

  • Steveo

    JG then he’s a champion of what??? Not gaining fans? Being a Ghey rider??? Just saying, go anybody but WhoreHay Slo Renthos

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  • This is just wrong! As said above
    Think cover of Sports Illustrated
    Good luck Jorge!

  • Andy

    Photographer name?

  • Photo courtesy of Yamaha Racing. No photographer credits listed.

  • Rexr

    Perhaps he’s not as flamboyant as monkey boy but he was beating him on the same bike before monkey boy fell off so theres no excuse really other than monkey boy pulling a tantrum like a spoiled wee boy that he is “Oi monkey boy ” stop complaining and step up or shut up…..FFS

    ps can u tell I’m not brain washed like others on here…

  • Monkey Boy

    Rexr, define brain washed. And step up to what, 9 World Championships?

  • joe

    If you aren’t Agostini, or at least a mere Doohan, how can you tell monkey boy to step up. What, did you win a trackday one time?

  • I hat when people predict winners and then publicize it as fact. I hated just last week at Aragon when the announcer on SPEED declared Stoner the winner with a lap and a half to go. I said, “NO! All of the front four can still crash out for Spies too win!” It didn’t happen, but a guy can dream eh?

  • and I hat when I hate. haha