Yamaha issued the following update on the surgery Jorge Lorenzo underwent this morning in Barcelona. Lorenzo will not race at the Sachsenring, but no decision has been made on whether he will race at Laguna Seca next weekend.

Jorge Lorenzo Surgery Update

Sachsenring (Germany), 13th July 2013

Following his crash yesterday in the second free practice at the Sachsenring circuit for Sunday’s German Grand Prix race Jorge Lorenzo returned immediately to Barcelona. Today he underwent surgery at the Hospital General de Catalunya in Barcelona to repair further injuries to his collarbone.

Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez – Hospital General de Catalunya, Surgeon

“As a result of the trauma suffered in the crash yesterday the original fracture suffered a little movement that required a new surgery to close the space and reduce the fracture by the osteosynthesis method and with a new plate. The new plate needed 10 screws plus 1 inter fragmentary screw. We then needed to take out some bone substance from the pelvis that was mixed with dried bone. We placed this implant into the collarbone to stimulate the creation of the callus and help speed up the consolidation of the bone. The Surgical team involved at the Hospital General de Catalunya, Sant Cugat del Vallés were Doctors Joaquin Rodriguez, Marc Cots and Anna Carreras, anesthetists Doctors Angela Verde and Eric Alvarez and instrumentalists Cristina Gil and Laia Torrens. The operation lasted two hours.”


Further medical bulletins about Jorge Lorenzo’s conditions following the operation sustained in Barcelona will be issued in due course.

Source: Yamaha Racing; Photo: © 2013 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Ranger Jay

    Ouch! I broke my collarbone 40 years ago, and I can still remember the pain like it was yesterday. If I had any advice for Jorge, it would be this: Stay out of competition for at least two months, maybe even the rest of the season. My collarbone was fixed the old fashioned way, with a “figure 8” strap that held my shoulders back after they popped the bone back into position. Even with the morphine, it hurt like hell. I still have a lump where the bone fused, and it still causes me grief when the weather changes.

    Good luck to Jorge.